Cyber Monday 2013 Shopping Strategies at Walmart, Amazon, Target

Shopping ads for Cyber Monday 2013 electronics deals and discounts can be a pain. And getting through the fluff from hundreds of Internet sites can be daunting.

After the Thanksgiving Day 2013 Black Friday mania is over and you’ve had your fill of turkey and wading through endless lines of holiday shoppers for that All New Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, MacBook Pro, Samsung Tablet, Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) and came up empty, you’re in luck: Amazon, Target and Walmart Cyber Monday electronics sales offer a bounty of discounts, savings and missed opportunities.

After years of wading through the hullabaloo of Black Friday, I’ve learned many lessons about this holiday shopping tradition in the United States: It’s not all it’s cut out to be and unless you invest a little sweat equity up front and do your homework, you won’t find that diamond in the rough. Instead, like Chuck says in “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” you’ll “get a rock.”

Here are a few tips on how to score the best Cyber Monday deals on electronics:

Aim for Target, Walmart and Amazon Cyber Monday 2013 online discounts

Face it; Walmart, Amazon and Target are among the largest big box and online retailers for finding the perfect Christmas gift this holiday season. In my experience, if I’m looking for a new tablet, PC, hand-held GPS, gaming console, memory and storage devices, you name it, Amazon, Target and Walmart Cyber Monday discounts for electronics are second to none, all things considered.

Shopping at the big box retailers means that inventory levels are high. As a consequence, you are less likely to encounter an out-of-stock on that hot item on your Christmas list this holiday season.

Moreover, these retailers are more inclined to price match or offer you incentives for shopping early, similar to Black Friday doorbusters.

Sure, smaller traditional retail brands offer nice savings on electronics, but when it comes to the better deals, the big three offer incentives to help stretch your pocketbook.

Walmart Cyber Week for Cyber Monday 2013 sales and deals is a must

Cyber Monday begins Dec. 2, but at Walmart, you have the entire week (before and after) to shop for electronics deals, especially if you’re timing your purchase with payday or you’re a last-minute shopper, like I am.

Although the official ad has not hit, another reason I suggest you use Walmart as your one-stop-shopping destination is because it has a few perks that can mean deeper discounts.

For example, America’s largest retailer is offering free shipping on many electronics and 100,000 other items, ranging from popular video games to 1080p HDTVs by Samsung, Vizio, RCA, LG and others.

Walmart offers free store pickup with its site-to-store option. Moreover, in previous Cyber Monday years, Walmart has offered free gift cards (up to $100) on select items if you shop online and on certain electronics items during Walmart Cyber Week.

Target Cyber Monday 2013: Cyber Week at Target begins earlier

If you’re itching for that new laptop, vacuum cleaner, blender, small appliance or other electronics, deals and specials at Target begin a day earlier (Dec. 1) than Walmart Cyber Monday.

Sign up for the exclusive Target Cyber Monday 2013 email for the store’s Cyber Monday deals, discounts and perks.

Similar to Walmart, Target has free shipping on select items. And here’s something I think is great for a little comfort to your shopping experience and peace of mind: Target’s REDcard allows you five percent more off on purchases, free shipping for online purchases and 30 extra days on its 90-day return policy.

Cyber Monday 2013 Amazon deals

First of all, bookmark this page. While has not released its 2013 Cyber Monday sales ad, you can check back often and be among the first to land stock. Like Walmart and Target, inventory is not usually an issue, but Amazon doesn’t have a store front for shopping. As such, everything is done online.

For the serious gamer, the Xbox One will be the highest-selling gaming console in the online retailer’s history. But the new sheriff in town will be the Sony PS4, according to PCR, which says pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 far exceeds Microsoft’s console.

Personally, I recommend Amazon for items that you can live without and head in to a local store for must-have items high on your Cyber Monday Christmas gift list. By heading into the store for larger, pricier items, you have time on your side. Online purchasing can lead to temporary out-of-stocks and back-orders. Remember, hundreds or thousands of people will be hitting the “check out now” button at the same time when these hot items go on sale.

Yea, you’ll have the Black Friday experience by going into a store, but that means you have the item you want right now and don’t have to get the dreadful “sorry, item temporarily out of stock” message online. If not, Amazon is the next best place for these trendy items.

Amazon is great for smaller items, packages and bulk items that offer a broader discount. And like Target and Walmart, the online retailer typically has free shipping.

More Cyber Monday tips for Walmart, Amazon and Target shopping

-Make a list

-Be patient

-Put on your game face

-Buy more expensive items first

-Check back early and often

-Have fun on Cyber Monday 2013 and during Cyber Week at Amazon, Walmart and Target.

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