DAC Films Holds Auditions for Major Motion Pictures to Be Filmed in St. Louis

Months upon months of preparation have gone into the past two Saturdays. On October 8, 2005 and October 15, 2005 DAC Films, a St. Louis based film production company, held auditions for their films, “The Buddy Guard” and “To Dance In The Sea”. The St.Louis acting community came out in droves to try their luck in booking role in either of these films. The auditions were being held at the Ekklisia Dance Studio located at 124 Jungermann Road in Saint Peters, Missouri.

Upon walking into the dance studio actors were greeted by the receptionist and were asked to sign in. It was no doubt the nervousness grew when the auditioner glanced over and saw five or more fellow actors sitting anxiously for their time to shine. With refreshments available, trembling actors grabbed at the bottles of water as if they haven’t drank for days. Their mouths dry from nerve-induced dehydration, they consumed bottle after bottle of water.

As one of the casting assistants revealed after along day of signing actors in and gathering their information, “These[actors] will do absolutely anything to try to brown-nose their way into the hearts of the casting directors.” Her reason for saying this is caused by an incident with an actor who was in his mid-twenties. After signing in, he retreated to a corner seat as he scanned the room for the C.A.’s (Casting Assistants). His eyes wide with anticipation, he grabbed the attention of the closest C.A.,and began to ask her various questions. “Do you work here?”,”What is your relationship with the Casting Directors?”, “Could you put in a good word for me?” The C.A. laughed and returned to her work, but continued watching on as this particular actor kept interrogating one employee after another. As he entered the audition room, his inquisitive mind got the best of him. Completely hanging on every breath the casting director or producers uttered, he became more wrapped up in the scene than in his performance. Needless to say, he will not get a role in either of the films.

As the days went on, the Producer and founder of DAC Films expressed much appreciation to the actors who have showed interest in these projects. “It has been several years since a major film has decided to film entirely in the Saint Louis area, and the hospitality that we have seen is greatly appreciated.” David Clevenger, the Founder and CEO of DAC Films, is originally from the Quad Cities located in northern Illinois. It is there that he filmed his first cinematic project which he wrote, directed, produced,and starred in. The action packed film entitled, “The Law”follows the story of 16 year old Brandon (Clevenger) and his struggle between doing what is right or putting the law into his own hands. After seeing his father shot by gang members, Brandon must choose between the law of the street, revenge, or the Law of God,forgiveness. This film became a milestone in David Clevenger’s life, as it gained much media coverage from the uniqueness of the project and the producer.

This past summer DAC Films joined FOJ Video (out of Arnold, Missouri) to produce a revolutionary sitcom entitled”Persecution”(http://www.persecutionvideo.com). “Persecution” follows the lives of several teenagers and the trials they must endure. This rare episodic comedy/drama is being showcased online, and is the very first 15-episode sitcom to do so. It was filmed on High-Definition Sony cameras, which allows the quality of the project to surpass that of multi-million dollar blockbusters. The tentative release date is in January of 2006.

Throughout the success that David Clevenger and his fellow producers have obtained, these two films are guaranteed to become blockbuster gold!! It is about time that Hollywood began to look towards Saint Louis for filming locations. There is so much untapped talent located within the metropolitan area, which was seen in the past two Saturdays. Saint Louis actors be prepared, there will be many-a-more auditions from DAC Films and other Production Companies coming up, keep memorizing those monologues!!!

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