DIY Custom Window Treatments: Curtains

Have you ever been to that bachelor or bachelorette’s house and they have nailed blankets to the windows?

Mostly because they didn’t know how simple a window treatment can become or because in today’s economy many people are searching for cheaper ways to make their homes look like home while pinching their pennies. Another problem is that no matter how many stores that you shop, not always do they have the exact color that you would prefer or they style of material that you are looking for as a certain look in your home.

There are many fabric stores, such as craft stores and even Wal-Mart that you can get fabric with a wide range of choice.

There are people, as I will say people as even men may seek the need with custom window treatments, that do not know how to sew and hiring someone to sew the curtains isn’t exactly doing it yourself. So for the individuals that do not know how to sew there is an ability to hem these curtains with just the use of an iron and a glue base that activates with the use of the iron. This glue is similar to the use of when your Mom used to patch your old jeans; the heat of the iron activates the glue. Be careful as this can get messy and your hems also could bunch. I would suggest that you actually practice some before doing the custom curtain the first time.

Another option is building a valance out of a one by four and stapling the material to it after wrapping the material flat onto its surface just like wall paper, or even use wall paper. Then if that is not the only look that you want and you still want the look of curtains, staple the material in intervals so it appears as if it was gathered to the back of the one by four. There are brackets that stores such as Menard’s sells that will help you hang this custom window treatment.

There are also hooks that with just a swatch of fabric can be weaved over these hooks, and gathered as one goes along the area of the curtain rod.

Another thing that I would like to note is that many things can be used as a curtain rod; even what is in your own back yard or in your garage could be cleaned up and used for some custom windows that really look unique. Things such as small branches as long as they are supportive of the weight of the material can be used for your window treatment. Many stores such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and other hobby stores will have some bamboo shoots as well, and another option is shovel handles.

If you can sew a straight line then making the curtains will be very simple. One thing that you must remember is to make the seam big enough for whatever you are using as the curtain rod; this is what I refer to as the rod runner.

For a 6 foot tall window you are going to need at least about four yards, more if you want it to gather a lot.

Being creative is part of something being custom, custom meaning no one else has these curtains and have fun.

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