DIY Directions on Bathroom Tile Patterns You Can Install Yourself

They say that the kitchen and bathroom are two of the hardest and most expensive rooms to remodel. That alone will scare normal DIYers away.
With the material options available at local home improvement stores, this task is not only rewarding, but easier than you might think!

My first recommendation is to look at home magazines. There are a lot of design ideas that can help you if you are not sure what colors, theme, or style you want to achieve.

Another wonderful way to start is to go look at your home improvement store. Seeing tile colors in person could have a different effect than seeing it in a picture, and that could be the driving force you need when deciding on a design.

One of the easiest ways to get a creative tiled look is to go with 12″ x 12″ tile blocks. These blocks have smaller tiles that are adhered to a mesh matt. These tiles are available in a variety of colors and designs. While these tiles tend to look more custom, they are more expensive than a standard 12″ x 12″ tile. The great thing about these mesh tiles is, you can cut them down to fit smaller areas and various designs. Why not use these mesh tiles to create your own centerpiece in the middle of the floor? You can give the apperance of an area rug with tile alone! You can tile just a back splash in the kitchen or the bathroom. You can surround the bathtub with the mesh tile. Why not surround your shower stall with stone mesh tile for a true spa feel? The design possibilites are endless.

When you pick your tile and paint colors, go to town! Paint your walls if you plan on it. Its best to pain the walls, then do the floor.
Once you have lineolium or carpet out of the way, you want to screw down backer board. This gives added support for tiles.

Once you have the backerboard in place, you can start laying tile. Use the plastic spacers to ensure proper spacing of the tile.

Glue the tiles pieces down in the design you prefer, and allow 24 hours for proper setting time. Once the tiles have dried, then you can go back and grout. Rub the grout in the lines and wipe off any excess that is on the actual tile (this will help clean up time later).

Once the grout dries (another 24 hours setting time) you can go back and wipe the tile down. Its best to use a sealant once you have cleaned the area.

The sealant goes on clear and dries quickly.

Now you have your dream bathroom – completed by none other than you!

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