DIY: Guide to Replacing a Bathroom Vanity

The process of DIY is that of blood, sweat and tears for us mere mortals, but for some it is a labor of love. I for one love DIY. While I must also profess to not being extremely great at it as my skills lie better in delegating tasks for others to do and design concepts the actual hands on DIY I fall somewhat sort off. For those of us who try, try and try again 10 out of 10. When replacing any item in the bathroom and kitchen for your DIY project might scream expensive plumber or handyman installation. The truth is that you can actual do this one yourself. The replacement of a bathroom vanity is made simply for all. After all it is the 21 century and frankly it is about time.

The best place to start is at your local DIY heaven otherwise known as Lowe’s or Home Depot, for example. There you will find experts and expert advice instantaneously. The bathroom vanity brings a refined look to the bathroom in comparison to the standard free standing sink. There are so many choices of style and pattern to select your own unique vanity to fit the bathroom of your dreams. As the new vanity will serve as your bathroom’s center piece it is important once you have chosen the style that it is a style that fits the look and decorum of the entire bathroom space. Getting that wrong and your bathroom will never be the same again. Not to mention the costs to having another DIY vanity project to undo the damage.

The important thing to consider when choosing your bathroom vanity is whether or not it combines functionality with practical use for your bathroom experience. Then taking into consideration the shapes, sizes, colors, styles, textures, and models of the vanity ranging from classical to modern for the perfect bathroom fit gets you safely through to phase Two of the DIY process. For tight spaced bathrooms a single sink vanity will be required. A larger bathroom can easily accommodate a double sink vanity allowing for two person use at the same. Complete vanity sets can be purchased rather than individual item purchases which include linen cabinets and mirrors. Vanity set purchases can also save on your overall budget.

Once you have measured up the space for your vanity and made your vanity selection your installation is only a matter of setting aside the time and man power. Vanity set installation consists of the vanity cabinets which is assembled in a single piece unit and generally shipped separately from the countertop and sinks for proper protection. The countertop and sink are assembled to be simplistically mounted on top of the cabinet. The key to a successful bathroom vanity installation rests on the accuracy of your vanity space measurements. Installation should be easily done as long as everything item fits specifically into the space allocated for the vanity unit.

Next would be the connection of the pipes to the vanity sink. It is recommended that an expert be consulted prior to if you have never attempted such a connection before. The instructions on how to connect the pipes are simple and comprehensive. If confidence becomes an issue when it comes to the water pipe connection then by all means call in the experts if only to reassure yourself. The installation of the mirror is the finishing touch. The instructions for this task are explanatory. Do remember when mounting the mirror to secure it onto the wall in a location set to be the focal point to the vanity unit to keep the bathroom quintessentially unified.

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