DIY Home Improvement: How to Install New Windows

If you are looking to replace the windows in your home, you don’t need to be put off by the cost of installation. All you really need is a couple of basic inexpensive tools, and you can do the job yourself and save yourself a lot of money! Here’s a step by step guide of what work is involved in removing and replacing an old window with a new one.

First you’ll need to remove the old window. You’re also going to want to work on your windows from the exterior of the home instead of the interior. Use the claw end of a hammer or wonder bar to strip away around the exterior frame of the old window and to remove any nails holding it in place. Once all the nails are removed the window should be able to be pulled or pried from the window. Be sure to use the wonder bar to pry around the edges to help loosen and / or pull out the window. Clear out any debris around the perimeter of the opening where the new window will be placed.

Now take the new window and position it within the opening so that it is flush within the frame and not sticking out on either the interior or exterior side of the home. You are going to want to make sure as well that the window is square within the opening, or else it will look crooked and will never fasten properly. So use a level gauge and some wood shims to make sure the window frame is as square as possible. Next you will tart securing the window by nailing it into place. Start in one upper corner along the nailing flange, and drive a nail there. Then and work your way down with gaps in between each one so there are only a few nails running along the side. Once you have completed that one side, then check the window again to assure that it has remained square and plumb in the frame. Make adjustments if needed, and you shouldn’t have to pull out many nails either now. Once you’ve done one side and it stays square and plumb, then repeat this procedure on the other side of the window. Once both sides have been initially secured, and everything has stayed level; then go and finish nailing up and down each side of the nail flange of the window.

Now all you should need to do is go inside to the back of the window and remove the retention bands! If you paid attention and took care with making sure the window remained level, then the window should open just fine! Congratulations! You just saved yourself a lot of money in installation fees by doing it yourself!

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