DIY Home Improvement: How to Install Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are easy to install. If you have ever installed windows before you’ve already got an idea of how to put in your replacements. Follow the steps below to install your new replacement windows.

Materials you will need to have on hand for this project are:

1. Measuring Tape

2. A Carpenter Square

3. Screwdriver

4. Caulking Gun

5. Windows

6. Level

7. Pry Bar

8. Finishing Nails

9. Caulking

10. Spray Foam or Fiber Glass for Insulation

Steps for Installation:

*Before ordering your windows make sure that you have the right measurements. You will need to make sure that you measure all your windows and not assume that they are all the same size. Some companies will not allow you to return the windows once purchased.

*To figure out what size windows you will need, measure the width and height of your widow frames. For the most accurate measurement remove your window’s existing trim before taking measurements.

*Upon delivery of your new replacement windows, take them out of the packaging and check for any damage. Measure your new replacement windows to double check that you ordered and they delivered the correct windows. There’s nothing like starting a project like this and finding that you don’t have the right fit.

*Remove your old window by prying the inside and blind stop. Be careful with your inside stops as you will be reusing them with your new replacement window. Once the stops are removed take the old window out of the frame.

*Cut through any old caulking in your window frame. Check for any nails that need to be pounded in or pulled out. Make sure that you have a clean smooth frame to slide your vinyl window into.

*Once the frame is prepared, place the new replacement window in. The window should fit snug in the frame. Use your carpenter square to make sure that your new replacement window is placed correctly. Check to make sure that the window works properly by opening and closing it.

*If you need to take care of insulation issues, do this before you replace the trim. Use spray foam or fiber glass for insulation. Spray foam is easy to use and works fast.

*After taking care of your insulation, shim the sides of your replacement windows just behind the pre-drilled screw holes. Screw the replacement widow in place.

*With your finishing nails, nail in your stops and trim around your new replacement window.

Always use safety precautions when installing windows and have someone working with you to avoid any accidents.

Make sure to check specific instructions for your replacement windows as each may have specific install instructions not suggested here. These instructions are given as a generalization of replacement window installation.

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