DIY: Wire and Glass Outdoor Votive Candle Holder

This easy to make wire and glass outdoor votive holder adds subtle ambience to any patio or outdoor dining experience!

For this project, you will need:

– Eight to ten votive holders that have an outward lipped edge

– Medium thickness metal wire

– Wire cutters

– Frosted glass colored spray paint

– Small hooks

– Votive candles

Start by spray painting the inside of the votive holders with the frosted glass colored spray paint according to manufacturer directions. (Note: It is important when selecting the spray paint that you look on the container to assure it is heat resistant when dried, as the heat from the candle could cause combustion if the paint is not heat resistant.) Let the paint dry completely, and add a second coat if necessary.

Next, cut triple the amount of wire you wish to hang the votive holders across. Taking the wire, bend at the length you wish the main wire to be, and wrap the longer end over the shorter end to create a loop. Do the same with the other and of the short wire and the remaining amount or wire so that there is one main wire of triple thickness with two loops at the end. Hang between the two posts or tree stumps you wish to suspend the wire from by installing hooks in each and hooking the loops of wire through each of the hooks.

Cut enough wire to wrap tightly just under the lipped edge of each votive holder. Cut a 6″ piece of wire for each. Thread one inch end of the short wire through the wire on the votive holder and secure by twisting the piece around the rest of the wire. Suspend on the main wire by looping the small piece of wire over the top of the main wire and securing with a loop onto the votive holder. Repeat this until all votive holders are attached to the main wire.

Add votive candles, and enjoy!

TIP: This can also be done with a copper or gold finish spray paint and copper or gold colored wire. Also, jewel toned colored glass votive holders can be purchased and the spray paint step skipped to create another stunning outdoor lighting tool. For additional look, try spray painting the wire to match the votives. There are a lot of variations that can be done with this project, so be creative!

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