Dark in Here

It’s getting dark in here
The lights are out
And we have got to leave this place
Still you want me to stay
But now it’s getting dark in here.

It’s getting dark in here
I’m so afraid
I don’t want the world to see my face
Yet you ask me to be brave
And now it’s getting dark in here

Like the sun running away from the mountains
Somehow I’ve got to find my own pride
I’ve been stepped on
And I’ve fallen down so many times
My hearts’ all cried out to the sand
Still I feel my arms over your shoulder
There’s no way you’re going to let me fall
But the sun’s already given way to twilight
And it’s still getting dark in here.

My heart is getting dark in here
My love is gone
I have nothing left here but cigarettes and alchohol
There probably is an angel out there for me
I pray she hurries to me
Because it’s getting dark in here …

But like the birds floating high
In the blue sky
Somehow I know I shouldn’t be here
One way or another I just have to stand
And let your voice show me the path
‘Cause I’ve been stabbed and left by the roadside
Even once been eaten alive
But everytime I feel your face
I know that all is well,
So will you please help me
Because it’s really getting dark in here.

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