Dating for Disabled Singles

Online dating is a popular thing these days. People with busy schedules, or those who are just shy, find it much easier to meet people from their computer, and many of these relationships end up becoming permanent. Although caution must be observed any time you’re meeting someone new, let alone online, lots of people have met new and very good friends by visiting dating sites.

Some people visit certain dating sites because the people there share the same interests. For example, there are dating sites for those who only want to meet spiritual others, dating sites where elders find each other, or dating sites for single young people. If you’re disabled, and hoping to meet someone like yourself, or someone who accepts you as you are, there’s a dating site for you.

Some people may ask why a person would search for a mate at a site that specializes in disabled singles, but for others, that’s exactly what they want. Someone who is wheelchair bound, for example, may already have a home set up to accommodate the new friend. Also, some people feel comfortable around others that may have experienced some of the same adversities.

At Whispers4U, you’ll find disabled male and females, ages 18+. The site has over 20,000 members, and offers their services to not only American citizens but people abroad, as well. Among their services are matching people in same countries, online dating and friend-making for those with disabilities, live webcam chat, video dating and more.

If you wish to show a photo of yourself, upload it to their site, or just view photos of others who are looking for friendship or romance. Submit your bio at the site so others can learn a little more about you and what you are looking for in a relationship.

Search for others by age, gender and even handicap! Among those listed are amputee, wheelchair-bound, cancer, blind, burn victim, cerebral palsy, hearing impaired, diabetes, dwarfism, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, obesity, and Parkinsons.

At any given time there are a hundred or so people in the live chat, waiting to talk to you, and you can chat for free. The live webcam means you can view people, making the service a little more personal.

Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy friends, fun and romance. Those things are waiting for you, just like they are for others, so go find it. A good place to start is Whispers4U where you can meet singles who understand your predicament, love you for who you are, and maybe, just maybe, would love to fall in love – with you.

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