Daughter of the Forest: Sevenwaters Trilogy

A magical story full of fantasy and about an old world where anything is possible. The invasion of Saxons and Britons is a very real part of life for everyone in this book. The people at Sevenwaters have only been told bad things about Britons and Saxons because they have been moslty sheltered through their life. Lord Colum of Sevenwaters has 6 sons and 1 daughter. His wife died very young in childbirth, so it was up to him to raise his children. His is a fierce warrior and protector of his home. Nobody crosses over his domain, which is protected by a forest that is deemed magical. The Sevenwaters children grew up in this forest, learning the ways of the ancients and the secrets of the forest. But a time comes when sons do grow up.

One by one his children start going off on raids with him, and this is where they truly see the brutalities of war. Sorcha is still unaware of what is truly going on in the outside world. Her brothers protect her with unwavering love. The bond between them is very touching. Juliet develops well rounded characters that you truly get to know. I felt like I was in the story with them the whole time. The love they have for one another is just extrodinaire!

When an enchantress weaves a spell over Lord Colum, he marries her, and everything changes for the worse! Favorite pets start to die, brother turns against brother, and anger is fueled by hatred. Her spell is very strong, but the older and wiser of the brothers Connor realizes what is happening. They try to weave a spell of protection over their family,but the enchantress interrupts,and turns them into swans! Sorcha is the only one to get away, and when she has a vision of the Lady of the Forest, her destiny begins.

It is up to Sorcha to save her brothers. She must accomplish this painful task by weaving 6 magical shirts by a plant called “starwort” which has excruciating thorns and thistles in it. She must do this by hand, which ruins them. She is not allowed to utter a word period. She cannot convey her story by written words or gestures. This is the curse, but if she fails, then her brothers will always remain as swans.

If it isn’t already interesting, Juliet adds another twist. While seeking sanctuary in the forest, a couple of men find and rape Sorcha. Through the whole process, she doesn’t utter one word or sound. Her brothers feel her pain in their minds because they all have a special connection with each other. This is the point in the story where Sorcha loses her trust for her brothers for not being there for her. This is when she is no longer a child clinging to their brothers, and following them as they play.

Her trust may be gone , but her love for love for them is not. She is saved from the river by a mysterious man( A Briton at that) who will help her with her task, and help shape her destiny.

The destiny to save her beloved brothers or take a chance at love!

A heartfelt storyline with loyalty being the most crucial part throughout. Romance is found, and is a turning point in the story. Juliet is a gifted narrator, and weaves a powerful and rich story! This is a must read! This is my favorite book of all time, and I guarantee that once you start reading it, you won’t be able to set the book down!

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