Day Spa Etiquette

Spa Etiquette ensures everyone is comfortable while you are visiting a spa. Using common sense and getting a few tips can ensure a great experience. One thing that for a client to be aware of is that your appointment is about you. If you would like the music quieter, or if the room is too chilly, don’t be afraid to say something.

It’s important to arrive a little early. If this is your first visit to the spa, arrive at least 15 minutes early, so that you can fill out paperwork. If this is not your first visit to the spa, arriving 10 minutes early is fine. You may need to get changed, and you also don’t want the spa guests after you to have to sit and wait for their appointments because you arrived late. If you arrive very late, some spas will reschedule your appointment or offer you a shortened version of your service.

Remember when you go to a spa is that people come here for the serene environment and want to relax. Consider other people and remember to turn off your cell phone while you are visiting. Another thing to consider is leaving your children at home. This is an environment that people come for the quietness and relaxation.

A person’s first massage can be nerve wracking as many people are unsure of what clothes to leave on and what to remove. You have two options, removing your underclothes or leaving them on. Both are acceptable options and will not affect the service. If you are a woman, remove your bra, but if you are more comfortable leaving your underwear on, that is completely acceptable. The bra will interfere, so you will want that off. You will be covered by a sheet or towel at all times, so you will not be exposed. Only the area the massage therapist is working on will be uncovered. When receiving a chair massage your clothes remain on. Massage is very unique, if the pressure is too gentle or too firm, let your therapist know so she can adjust it. The therapist will not take offense to this, each person prefers different pressure.

Tipping can be awkward at times. Tipping at a spa may be done through envelopes at the front desk or may be given directly to the person. If you are uncertain which the spa does, simply ask at the front desk when signing in. Also be aware of a new trend; some spas are discontinuing allowing customers to tip on their credit card. You may want to remember to bring cash for a tip.

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