Dean Koontz’s The Husband

As an avid reader of Dean Koontz’s books, and I mean all of them, I was patiently waiting for The Husband’s May release date. Reading is a regular hobby of mine, and I hungrily devour books like a meal. I’m always eager to pick up the next Dean Koontz book as he is by far my favorite master-mind as far as storytelling is concerned. He has a way with prose that intrigues as well as can melt your brain cells at the same time. His latest work, The Husband is no exception.

You instantly get to know the main characters in this story, Mitchell Rafferty, a local gardener who lives a simple life with the love of his life and wife, Holly Rafferty. During a job with his co-worker Iggy, Mitchell receives a phone call from an assailant who has kidnapped Holly for a ransom of two million dollars. For Mitchell, who only has eleven thousand dollars in his savings account and a small non-flashy home, he finds the task of raising the ransom impossible, but is unwilling to allow his wife Holly to succumb to the punishment from the kidnappers and is on a personal quest to acquire the funds.

You learn through the meandering tale of Mitchell’s family life, how his family was tormented by regimented domineering parenting by both of his parents who cared more about raising children in a “boot-camp” environment rather than a loving familial based promising home. The siblings of Mitchell, with the exception of his brother, who is the crystal in his parents’ eye, live as far away from their parents as possible and just don’t live to their full potential.

The story is told from the perspective of Mitchell and interweaves through the mental torment that Holly receives, both of them striving for their love, their marriage, and their future. The book is another gripping tale brought by Dean Koontz and most followers of his stories will find that the tale is a definite add to a summer reading list. Even if you’re not a follower of Dean Koontz’s stories, you can see that this novel is already on the top ten-sellers list and has become popular quickly. Take a few minutes to become Mitchell Rafferty on his quest to find two million dollars.

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