Dear Mommy

I can’t wait for you to see me.
Before I came,
And before I had a name,
God told me
Of what was to become of me.
He said millions of people wanted babies to love,
And they were more precious than the purest white dove,
So He sent me down to this great land.
As I grow, I get to hold your hand,
I was so happy, content, and warm,
Until something threatened my form.
For it is true that babies can hear?
Even in this safe place, I use my ears
To hear the words “I love you” or a giggle’s sweet touch.
I hear and feel it all as your words to me mean much,
I heard you say that you had a choice,
But what about me? You are my voice.
I hope and pray that you will see me worthy to love
So that I may live my life instead of returning to home above.

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