Death Penalty – Should it Be Retained?

There has been much controversy over capital punishment since the 18th Century, and it still remains a “hot” topic. Should a person who commits a brutal crime be punished with death? Though, there are many pros and cons of the death penalty, retaining it might be the better choice.

Why should Americans support these offenders? An individual who takes another’s life is a criminal and has neither ethics nor principles. Why should they be kept alive? Why should taxpayers’ hard-earned money be thrown into prisons just to keep murders for the remainder of their lives?

Some might feel that a person who has taken a life can and will reform. Another might think that after being cast away from society for many years, the convicted will realize what they had conducted was wrong, and may set an example for others to follow. Well, the truth does not confirm this theory. For every twenty-four hours, there are more six murders to be investigated. On average, that’s one for every four hours. There no second chances for the victim, why should the murderer deserve the same.

Society is already has a handful of offenders�why should more be kept alive? They mainly accumulate space in the already crowded penitentiaries. Overcrowding problems are the main reasons why so many dangerous criminals area released from prison before completing their sentences. If the death penalty were frequently enforces, there would be more room for rapists, thieves, assailants, and other offenders who are walking on the streets after being released on good behavior. Others are on parole due overpopulated prisons.

How can a prison set an example when more and more of them are becoming luxury hotels with swimming pools and recreation rooms? This is definitely not a prison, this would be a vacation! Most disadvantaged people who have absolutely nothing and sleep on the streets are dying to get in. They try to plan a crime, no matter how big or small in hopes to be thrown into prison. Why not? There’s free food, a free room, and all the luxuries of a high-priced getaway.

With this in mind, should the death penalty be retained in the United States? The answer is evident, it is definitely yes. For most brutal crimes, the death penalty is the most appropriate. It is the only way to prevent dangerous criminals from committing another violent crime.

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