Death is Knocking

It was getting late again…He knew he wouldnt make it back in time before his parents found out he had snuck out. What could he do…ever time it was the same thing over and over. The constant yelling and things being thrown at him. He knew he couldnt take much more of this. What does one do when they have nothing left to live for. I mean all he ever wanted was for someone to love him for once. He back tracted his way through the woods of his back yard till he could see the lights on in the house. He knew he would be in for it. They didnt send the police out this time…that meant it was going to be hell when he walked in. He got closer, with each step his heart pounding harder and harder, knowing that this may be the last night he’ll be able to walk again. His dad was an acoholic and his mother was always out of it from the drugs. When his dad got home he’d always have some reason to get hit. Heck he even had a couple broken bones from his dad pushing him down the stairs…. He walk in the house. His dad was standing there. Where the Fuck did you go this time you peice of shit! his father yelled. He stammered around his words but it was too late a blow to the head knocked him to the ground. “Didnt I tell you not to leave this house boy! Dont you listen to a god damn word I say?” He hit him again. His mind was racing for some way to retaliate but you really cant do much with someone in a drunk rage. He tried to get up but was met with a swing to the gut and he fell to the floor again. “Come on you shit bag! Get your fucking ass back up and fight your old man!” He tried getting up again to run but it was no use he was in no condition to move. “I always knew you were a god damn mistake its no surprise you havent killed yourself you worthless piece of shit” He just layed there slumped on the ground barely breathing, where was he suppose to go? The police wouldnt do anything about it, they never did. His dad left the room and he just layed there. He got up slowly and reached for the door. This is the last time he’d go through this again. He shut the door and made his way down to the river. The river was deep enough and swift enough that no one would be able to find him then…At least he wouldnt have to deal with the pain of not being loved…of not having a family. He reached the river bank and sat down to catch his breath. Something must have punctured a lung cause it was getting harder to breathe. He found a few rocks and he tied his pantlegs at his ankles and put the rocks in. it was heavy enough to where he wouldnt be able to swim back up. He made his last look around just as the sun was coming up and he jumped in…as he sank to the bottom the last light he would ever see shined down and then disappeared into dark blackness.

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