Debate Over the Fall of the Roman Empire

There is debate among historians as to the exact date and circumstances surrounding the fall of the Roman Empire. The year most historians agree to, as the fall of the Roman Empire, is 476 AD. Most agree the Roman Empire fell when Romulus Augustus, the emperor of the Western Roman Empire, was over thrown.

Rome fell for numerous reasons. Many feel it was a combination of such factors as Christianity, decadence and military problems. Others feel the rise of Islam played a major role in the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Middle Ages followed directly after the fall of the Roman Empire. The Middle Ages lasted for approximately 900 years. It is thought to have begun around 486 AD. and lasted till around 1400 AD. Many historians agree, the Middle Ages began when the barbarian Odoacer overthrew Emperor Romulus Augustus.

The years known as the “Dark Ages” were 500 AD. to 1000 AD. During this time the Vikings were invading much of Europe. Pagan worshiping was the common form of religion. The period known as the “High Middle Ages” followed in the years 1000 AD. to 1300 AD.

The feudal system became organized during this time. The Christian Church also became the leading power of Europe during the High Middle Ages. The period known as the “Late Middle Ages” was from 1300 AD. to 1400 AD. The 100 Years’ War between England and France took place during this period.

The Black Death took many lives throughout Europe and overseas exploration began. This period of the Late Middle Ages led to the beginning of modern times.

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