You always smell so sweet, but this new scent is foreign and different. You used to spend all your days here by my side, but now our time together grows shorter and shorter. Your eyes, the sparkling splendors, never seem to meet mine when you tell me how you’ve been. Your kisses are quick, and your touches seem minimal and necessary.

Day by day I put the pieces together. I’ve memorized every word you say, all the hints you drop. Darling, I know where you’ve been. I know exactly what goes on. I know where you left your jacket, and I know who is so proudly wearing your necklace now.

She’s prettier than me, isn’t she? And you always loved her more. But don’t worry, Sweetie, you’re free now, free to be hers, like she’s wanted for so long, like you’ve both wanted for so long. I wish it wasn’t like this, but since it is, I hope only the best for you, and I will forever be waiting for you to come back… Someday, together, we’ll find out what forever feels like.

**As a side note, I would like to say that this writing does not apply in the slightest to any events in my life. I was simply inspired by another person’s writing, and this came to me.**

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