Decorating Ideas for Bay Windows

Bay windows are an accent to any living space. A wonderful light source and many times a picture in and of itself, bay windows can be treated many different ways. It all depends on your style and how you intend to use the window.

The first thing to decide is how you want to use the bay window. Does it work just fine on its own or would some curtains add to it? Does it look out on a less than desirable scene or is it too open for your comfort? Do you want it to match your room d�©cor or add contrast?

If you want to maintain the light source, but still want to add a little something, consider light curtains, something gauzy that will still allow light to enter, but adds significantly to the room. These are available at any store that has home d�©cor related items, including Target.

If you’re more set on a solid pattern, cafÃ?©-style window curtains are a wonderful touch. The closer to the ceiling you hang them, the more striking the result. These curtains could be pulled off to the side during the day and be let down whenever you need a little extra privacy.

Another option to maintaining the openness bay windows provide is a valance. Whether you choose to drape it across all three windows or just on the center, valances are a wonderful option for decorating. These can be purchased, but can be easily made using your own fabric or scarves.

Window shades and blinds are options that many people disregard because they only think of the typical off-white Venetian shades that always seem to get tangled. There are a variety of shades that are unique and can be a creative alternative to curtains if you need more privacy.

Roller shades roll straight up and down from the top and lets in filtered light. An additional plus is that they usually come in a variety of styles and patterns, which can add a great deal to the room while still giving you privacy and light.

Roman shades pull up into loose pleats and are very efficient if you’re wanting to fully keep out light. These also come in a variety of colors and patterns.

If shades are not an option you want to pursue, blinds are also something to look into. However, instead of going for those old white blinds you had in your college dorm room, try wooden blinds. Bringing an earthy feel to any room, these blinds can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and would be a unique addition to a bay window.

Decorating bay windows used to be a difficult task, however, many stores have the equipment in stock regularly. All you have to do is find what you like, decorate and enjoy the view.

Decorating Ideas for Bay Windows,

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