Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps one of the most important places in the entire house and it is very imperative to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic. If the bathroom is not clean, the whole house feels dirty and it can help spread bacteria and infections. An unclean bathroom is also the cause of embarrassment if you are entertaining guests in your home. The following are the best ways to give your bathroom a deep cleaning.

An effective way to give your bathroom a deep cleaning is to wash it, disinfect it, and of course make sure there is proper air circulation in the bathroom. You can set aside a special day every week to clean the bathroom. Start off with opening the doors and windows. As already mentioned, circulation of air is important. Stale air helps bacteria to grow and so it is important for ventilation to take place. If you have a fan in your bathroom, switch it on. This will help remove all the fumes from the cleaners that you will be using.

The best way to give your bathroom a deep cleaning is to first clear the bathroom of all the things that need to be taken out. Start off with the trash and the laundry. This will make more room in the bathroom and will also expose the floor so that you can clean it. Scrub the floor with a floor cleaner and splash it with water. Once done, dry it with the help of a cloth or a dryer. If you wish to wax, apply that as well. Next proceed to the tub. The tub, since used regularly, is most likely to get moss on it. Scrub it well and make sure every stain on it is gone. Oven cleaner works especially well for getting rid of hard to clean stains. Then use a disinfectant and leave it on for a while before washing it away. Also clean the shower taps to make sure no dirt particles come out with the water.

Proceed to the sink next. One of the best ways to give your bathroom a deep cleaning is to keep the sink clean. Make sure you scrub the sink with a strong cleanser and rid it off all the stains and germs. A multi-surface cleaner will work fine for most surfaces. Clean the mirror above the sink as well, the shelf (if any), the mug or class holding the dental products and also the taps at the sink. A complete cleaning will ensure the bathroom is totally hygienic.

Next, move to the toilet. Perhaps the toilet needs the most amount of time and energy to be cleaned in the bathroom. Don’t make any compromises while cleaning the toilet. Rub in the required amount of soap or cleanser on the edges and the rim of the toilet and the toilet seat. Bleach based cleaners are the best options for the toilet. Once done, splash water on it and then flush it. Once the lather is gone, spray a good quantity of disinfectant on the toilet. This will ensure your toilet is clean.

Cleaning the bathroom is a menial task, but you will certainly feel content when it is spotless and immaculate.

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