Deep Fry Your Turkey This Thanksgiving

Every year, it seems more and more people are deep frying their turkeys. When prepared right, frying can result in a juicy turkey that everyone will rave about. One of the biggest benefits of frying a turkey is preparation time. A ten pound turkey will generally take approximately 40-45 minutes.

Careful preparation and the right tools are essential for frying a turkey. A good turkey fryer is important when considering frying a turkey. Frying a turkey should always be done outdoors as trying to fry a turkey inside would be extremely dangerous. Safety should be your primary concern when considering the equipment that you will need.

Many companies today make kits that will include everything you need to get started. The most basic kits will generally include a large pot, stand, life hook, and thermometer. The size pot you will need will depend on the size turkey you are planning to fry. A 30 quart pot will be large enough to handle a 10 to 12 pound bird while a 40 quart pot will handle a bird 15 pounds or larger.

Next, you will need to purchase oil. This can tend to be expensive due to the amount of oil that you will be using. You will need a couple gallons of the oil of choice. Many people prefer to use peanut oil but this can get rather expensive. You may also use canola, sunflower, or even corn oil.

Once you have everything you need, it’s will be time to get to work. You will need to determine approximately how much oil to put into your pot. You can do this by placing the turkey in the pot and covering it will water. Next, remove the turkey, and measure the water in the pot. This will be the amount of oil that you will use to fry your turkey. Be sure to completely dry the pot afterwards.

Next, you will add the oil to the pot and begin heating the oil. You will need to bring the oil to a temperature of 400 degrees. Once this temperature is reach, you can add the turkey. It is a good idea for the turkey to be at room temperature before adding it to the hot oil. Be sure to slowly lower the turkey into the pot and be aware that the oil will splatter. Now, simply monitor the turkey as it cooks. It will take approximately 3 minutes per pound.

Once your turkey is done, remove it from the fryer onto a sturdy platter. Carve and enjoy. The skin of the turkey will be crisp while the inside will be juicy. Guests will rave about your turkey as it will be a nice change from the typical dry turkey they are used to.

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