Deep Sleep

They tell me Angels cannot bleed
But I know they have wept
While careless mortals have slept

While I was sleeping I’ve dreamt ofâÂ?¦
– A body of Light – for years crepuscular, distant, aloneâÂ?¦
I’ve reached out my hand through thick darkness
Never able to touch� him

And I’ve searched without direction
To find the voice inside�
The voice that was mine
That I would speak in time

Still sleeping, I heard you speak
– A remote link
Pulling your Spirit close against my mouth-trading breath
Desiring to drink�.. deeply

I’ve watched your heart beat in my hands
As I’ve restricted its movements
But then I didn’t understandâÂ?¦

I’ve slept for years
Without you
And never knew
You are that Light
Calling to my blindness�
Through the weary, soporific night

But from this deep sleep
I’ve been shaken
And from the depths of your Love
I’ve awakened

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