Deep Tissue Massage and Therapy

Few things compare to the healing effects of muscle massage. If I could afford it, I’d have one at least one a week. Most of my problems stem from stress that leaves my muscles tight and aching around my neck and shoulders. This standard massage is generally called Swedish massage.

While Swedish massage does the trick for me, others aren’t quite as lucky. Athletes, dancers and people with physically demanding jobs can sustain muscle damage that goes much deeper. This can also be the case for people who have been in accidents or who have physical limitations. Core muscles can tighten into bunches causing chronic pain and discomfort. Regular massage techniques may superficially remedy the problem but it comes back time and time again. A deep tissue massage may help get to the root of the pain and correct it.

What Does It Do?

Deep tissue therapy digs a bit deeper than your regular massage. It targets the muscles deeper within the body to work out knots and kinks that can be affecting the blood flow and therefore oxygen distribution to core muscles. A lack of proper oxygen can lead to a build up of toxins leaving a person in chronic pain.

This type of massage is often effective in helping ease the pain of tendon and ligament damage. It can also be use to help reduce stress on the skeletal system due to tightened muscles forcing bones to move from proper position. It may also help you to increase your range of motion.


This type of massage targets the deeper muscles by changing the techniques of regular massage. Your therapist may use slower and more targeted strokes during the process. They work against the natural growth of the muscle to trigger a more pronounced response. Your therapist will also use a good amount of pressure during your massage so the proper muscles are reached.

When To Consider Deep Tissue Therapy

If you have chronic pain that other therapies have not touched you may want to look into this therapy. Muscles that spasm are a sign of damage you may not know you have. If you have a physically demanding career and you find yourself feeling worse and worse with no clear reason this may be worth a try for you.

If you are experiencing headaches and overall body pain as a result of muscular pain this type of therapy may help you as well. Even sitting at a computer day after day can lead to muscle damage from the strain of holding a position for too long. Athletes may think to stretch before workouts but chances are you don’t do so before and after a long day of sitting at your computer desk. Your job may be doing more damage than you realize!

What To Expect

If you’ve had regular massages you know that it sometimes hurts before it gets better. The same is true with deep tissue massage. Muscles that have been neglected for a time will respond with varying amounts of pain. The benefit comes after these muscles react to the therapy. The pain will melt away and you may feel better than you have in years. Be sure to speak up if the procedure is causing you unbearable pain.

Don’t expect overnight relief of pain. Quite often the chronic pain and muscle damage has built up over time and it may take a bit to truly begin to heal. Though you will feel some immediate relief expect to continue the therapy for a while before you decide if it’s helping you or not.

Where to Look

If you are interested in deep muscle massage look around for a reputable spa. Ask for recommendations from friends or family. Generally a spa that provides quality Swedish massage can be trusted with deep tissue therapy as well. Use common sense when you go for the first time. Look around at the quality of the establishment and ask any questions you may have. A qualified therapist will answer your questions happily and explain the ins and out of what they are doing and what you can expect.

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