Degreed on the Job

Career planning happens before enrolling in a university and definitely before finalizing a major and walking down the aisle for your degree.

Science and Engineers require specific degrees unless an individual cannot be found with a specific degree. Then the corporation will go on the hunt for a “degree in a related field.” If you have a degree in Science, you will most likely look for a job in:

All Science subjects;
Information Technology;

Now, if you get a degree in Physics, your options are wider in the career landscape. The reason that the possibilities are greater is because the skills that you acquire are a preparation for a great many things. Problem solving, information handling, critical reasoning, clear communication and computer skills will give a 3-D affect to your degree. You can go into a career as a professional physicist or communication, management, to even a job in medicene or journalism.

Then, what about a MPA degree? A Masters of Public Administration major will prepare an individual for a job in the administration of a government agency, not-for-profit organizations and heavily regulated corporations where an employee will need to be involved in budgeting, strategy planning and fund raising.

Social science degree translates into a career in economics, geograpy, law and politics, psychology and sociology. Generally speaking, the wages will be lower in this area unless the graduate pursues a higher degree such as a masters. When doing a survey of individuals in the social science field, nearly 64.5% of the politics graduates were employed within six months.

Another area of the social sciences is sociology. Again, a degree in sociology has a variety of occupational destinations for the graduate. About 14% of individuals with a degree in the area of social and welfare area of social science. This career could include social care and community roles.

At some points in our life it seems that a degree means very little – all we want to do it to get a job and make money. Hopefully this is a short-lived desire because a degree gives you an edge when it comes to getting a job. It is a smart move to get a degree as specific as possible and also as broad as possible so that you will find yourself well placed on the career scale.

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