Dell Computers Versus Compaq Computers

I have had experiences with several different types of computers, since the time I was in elementary school, playing games on Macs to the present, where I currently use a PC. I do have to say some of the best computers I have used have been built by my uncle and boyfriend. When it comes to brand name computers I would have to say the best I’ve used have been Dell and Compaq.

Dell offers great deals; you will often find desktops as low as $299 and laptops as low as $489. They also allow you to customize your computer to ensure the computer meets your needs. If you aren’t sure what you will need to complete your tasks, a Dell representatives will help you custom build your computer. Dell used to be known for their customer service. When I first bought a computer from them, a little over 4 years ago, I had to contact their customer service and I did so through email and sent several emails back and forth with a member of their tech support. He identified the problem and sent me the instructions to reformat my hard drive. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. This unfortunately is a thing of the past. If you contact tech support now, you will more than likely, speak with someone who isn’t in the , but in a country such as . This can be very frustrating if you have a hard time understanding someone who doesn’t speak English well. They have a hard time understanding you as well and it’s just a constant battle to get them to understand what is wrong. I know this is a much cheaper option for Dell, which also upsets me, but maybe it’s a conspiracy to get people to buy new computers. If a person can’t figure out what going on with their computer, maybe they’ll buy another one. Okay, seriously, it really is annoying to not be able to get your problem fixed because a person can’t understand you and you can’t understand them. There’s also the fact that several people are saying that Dell’s new dual processor technology isn’t all that great. Maybe they’re beginning to slip, which is a sad thing, because the computer I first bought from them was wonderful. Dell does make great printers. They use to sell HP printers, but in the past couple of years have started manufacturing their own. My boyfriend recently purchased one of their laser printers, the 3010cn model and it’s such a great printer. We have printed out pictures on just regular paper and they are stunning and the best part was that the printer was under $300. But if Dell is going downhill when it comes to their computers and support, where can you find a great deal on a computer that is well made?

Compaq use to have a reputation for being poorly made. Computer users would cringe when someone would even mention a Compaq, but they’ve come long, long way. My boyfriend bought me a Compaq Presario v5101us back in May and I LOVE it. The price was also great, being under $600. I had never had any experience with Compaq’s before, but knew the reputation they once had. Me and my boyfriend were both skeptical until we received the laptop. All uncertainties about Compaq disappeared as we realized what a great machine this was, for the price. I have used this laptop (it’s what I’m typing on now) everyday since we got it. Compaq isn’t as well know for their support, but they are now owned by HP and you constantly see commercials advertising HPs custom built computers and they will also custom build a Compaq for you, over the phone or online. There’s only one bad thing I have to say about Compaq’s, and it’s been something that computer users have always hated about them, they are LOADED with too many applications when you get them. They have tons of games and other useless applications that are mostly trail software. They are also loaded down with AOL shortcuts and shortcuts taking you to websites to buy stuff. That is what bothers me the most. Also the recovery discs take 12 CDs! Probably because of all the junk that’s on there.

So with both brands having problems, which would I choose if I were going to buy a new computer? Well, it depends, if I were buying another laptop I would buy another Compaq, if I were buying another desktop I would buy a Dell. Dell may have foreign tech support, but they don’t bog their machines down as much. I would choose a Compaq laptop, even with it being bogged down, because of their great deals. But before making your choice, I want you to do some research. Decide on what specifications you want your computer to have and then custom build the computer at the Dell website and Compaq website or call each company and have them give you an estimate. Then search pre-built machines to see which offers the better deal.

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