Dental Health Care for Dogs

If your dog has bad breath, maybe it’s time to brush his teeth. Plaque can build up on our teeth when we don’t brush between meals. Plaque is a mixture of saliva, bacteria and food particles. It starts soft and then hardens. It can also stain the teeth.

Animals get plaque on their teeth, just like humans. When plaque is left unattended to it hardens and can cause painful gums and infection. It also can cause bad breath. Bad breath can also be associated with health problems, so be sure to let your vet know if your pet is experiencing bad breath.

There are different ways to keep your dog’s mouth clean. Tooth brushing is one way to clean a dog’s teeth. The bristles help to remove the plaque while it is still the soft stage before it hardens. There are also finger toothbrushes that you can slip over your finger for more control. Do not use toothpastes that are created for people. The sugars in them can help bacteria to grow.

Chewing biscuits and toys also helps keep a dog’s teeth clean. There are now products made specifically for cleaning teeth at your local pet supply store. Ask your veterinarian if they recommend something in particular. Be careful not to choose bones that can splinter.

Dry foods are more abrasive then moist foods and can help prevent the buildup of plaque. There is not significant reporting in this area, so be sure to choose foods that cater to this need. Hill’s Pet and Eukanuba are two such brands that offer foods in this category.

Your veterinarian should check your dog’s dental hygiene at every yearly office visit. They may recommend your pet return for a dental visit that can be performed as a same day procedure. The veterinarians will anesthetize your pet making them easier to work on. They will then clean the build up of plaque and tartar, and do removals of teeth as necessary. Infected teeth can cause gum disease and ulcers of the mouth. Most veterinarians will give you an estimate for this procedure. This procedure can help greatly with bad breath in dogs.

There is also an additive that can be added to water to help dogs with bad breath. Ask your pet’s doctor next office visit if this is a problem for your pet.

Your dog will be both happy and healthier with a clean mouth.

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