Denver’s The Fray is Taking Over The Airwaves

It’s nearly impossible to turn on your radio without hearing one of the two infectious pop rock hits from The Fray. “Over My Head (Cable Car)” and “How to Save a Life” are taking over the airwaves, satisfying audiences with a polished soft rock sound that cuts right to the heart.

Although you may have just recently heard one of their heart-wrenching, sing-along type ballads pulsing through your speakers, The Fray, originally from Denver, Colorado, have been producing music since 2002. The line-up for this foursome includes Isaac Slade on piano/vocals, Joe King on guitar/vocals, Dave Welsh on guitar, and Ben Wysocki on drums.

Their initial success was based mostly on word-of-mouth and they developed a large fan base in their home state years before radio began playing their super catchy songs. As soon as The Fray hit the airwaves though, “Over My Head (Cable Car)” became an instant hit and was being played everywhere, including making a cameo on the hit T.V. drama, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

The Fray’s first major record release titled “How to Save a Life” which includes both the title track and “Over My Head (Cable Car)” dropped September 13, 2005. Throughout the album, the band provides a mix of soft piano rock, guitar and melancholy lyrics producing twelve irresistible tracks that will often times make you want to cry and other times make you smile. Most of the songs have a similar flavor, so if you dig The Fray’s sound you will probably find something to love about each and every beautifully written track.

The band is currently touring the country , making stops and playing sold out gigs in major cities like Los Angeles,

Chicago and Cleveland. Other plans for the band include releasing a live album exclusively on i-Tunes in early July.

The Fray are a fresh new band that have created an awesome album that proves to be an easy listen for all music lovers. If you haven’t heard “How To Save A Life”, give it a listen or try to snag some tickets to one of their shows in your area. If there’s one thing that’s for sure it’s that The Fray are definitely here to stay.

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