Design Ideas for a Ceiling Remodel

Ceilings take a lot of wear and tear, more than most of us really realize. In multi-level homes and businesses, the weight of the upper floors takes its toll on the whole ceiling structure. Even ceilings in single level structures are subjected to stress from plumbing, roofs, electrical wire, debris and snow build up and just the weight of the ceiling materials. If your ceiling is showing its age and wear, you may think that there isn’t much you can do, particularly if the ceiling is an older stucco or plaster ceiling. But don’t despair. You don’t have to look at that ugly ceiling anymore. Help is on the way. Here are three ceiling remodel design ideas. We’ll look at different kinds of ceilings as well as design and decor elements.

Plaster or stucco ceilings: These lovely vintage ceilings were amazingly durable. Many even have intricate plaster rosettes or fruit patterns molded into the plaster. Repair is not easy, but if the ceiling has any life left in it, a plaster ceiling, especially the decorated ones are a joy to preserve. They add value for their historical and vintage value as well. Essentially what you must do is to mix up a batch of plaster of Paris or joint compound. It must be very thick like soft play-dough. If your ceiling is stucco you’ll need to add a little sand or purchase stucco filler. With a small putty knife or kitchen knife, carefully fill in the cracks and holes in the plaster, shaping it to fit the missing pieces. You can add a little white glue to the mix if it is not sticking properly.

Drop ceilings: These are the installed ceilings using metal frames with inserted ceiling tiles. When installing a drop ceiling measure very carefully. You know the old saying ‘measure twice, cut once’; well with ceiling tiles, measure 5-4 times for accuracy! Use a very sharp exacto knife. Rule off your cutting line on both sides. Score on both sides and the tile will snap cleanly in half. I ruined about five ceiling tiles with a dull utility knife. Don’t be in a hurry or get impatient; this job requires care and patience. ( I ruined 5 more tiles in a fit of rage!) If you install a drop ceiling with the white particle boards, use the square tile pattern not the rectangle. The rectangles are very heavy and bend the metal frame that holds them in place. These tiles come in white, but you can paint these. They look better painted as the white shows all the dirt and grime. Also, don’t choose the pitted style. They are a nightmare to cut to size and break easily.

If you already have a rectangle drop ceiling, choose the lightweight plastic ceiling tiles. Both kinds can be painted. The plastic ceiling tiles are shown in ads painted bronze, silver or dark brown. These tiles look particularly elegant painted this way. They appear to be embossed sheet metal or wood from the floor. Being plastic they are lightweight and will not bend or distort the metal framing. If the metal framing on your drop ceiling is sagging, you can tighten the screws that hold the wire that the frame hangs from. Adjust the frame until it is more level.

Last, some ceilings require nothing more than a good coat of paint to give your ceiling a face lift.

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