Designer Takes Custom Handbags to a New Level

Teri Monique Handbags began several years ago when artist Teri Bethel realized that she wanted to change her longstanding career in interior design and accessorized garment production. Having painted and accessorized textiles for many years, Teri wanted to create a product that would be a treasured collectible; one that would be cherished for a lifetime. Her love for creating multi-dimensional textured fabrics using vibrant fabric paint with an inspired mix of fashion accessories became a natural fit for making exotic handbags.

Designing a Teri Monique Handbag is like a living organism; it keeps growing and developing the more love and attentionit gets. Inspired by the beautiful tropics, Teri Monique’s clients enjoy the diversity of her creations-from elegantly designed original fabrics bordered by stylish native straw to flashy fringed, hand-designed handbags colorized with hand paint and accentuated with a combination of rhinestones, mirrors or studs. In essence, Teri’s handbag collections have evolved from basic cautious designs to a ‘wait-a-minute pull out the artsy stoppers!’

As an artist, Teri selects textile surfaces that best complement her craft; textile painting and designing handbags. Speaking of her one-of-a-kind handbags Teri says, “I wanted them to be collectible works of art with a special sentimental value for each of my clients. So, I thought canvas would be the best surface to paint on-after all, it’s a universal surface for many artists. Canvas is durable, paint-friendly and easy on the sewing machine.” Additionally, Teri Monique handbags are often trimmed with hand plaited straw indigenous to the tropical islands of The Bahamas-her native homeland.

Teri Monique’s clientele thus far are primarily women between the ages of 30-60 who desire original show-stopping designer handbags for every occasion. Because women are unique and special in their own way, Teri wanted to create one-of-a-kind handbags to complement this individuality. Teri Monique handbags are not mass produced. They are originals-individually designed in a way that draws subtle attention to them in a crowd, sparking a feeling of confidence in being ‘uniquely you.’ Adding to their rarity, each Teri Monique painted handbag is a certified collector’s original bearing her signature.

Though made in the Bahamas and primarily sold to locals, Teri Monique’s distinctive handbags have made their way around the world. So when you happen to see Teri Monique handbags in London, Canada, Mexico, New York, Florida or even in Texas just smile, cause you now know that this work of art has come a long way, Baby!

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