Destination: California’s Lake Shasta

Towards the end of July each year our family heads for Shasta Lake located in California, near Mt. Shasta. We load our Jeep Grande Cherokee, hook up our 19 foot Bayliner boat, and then try to figure out where to put our 6 person family. It takes a while to decide just what to take and what not to take. We also try to plan, ahead of time what we will do when we get there, in order not to waste precious vacation time once we arrive.

If you know exactly where you will be staying before you leave home, it will be easier to decide what things to bring along.. We normally stay by the lake and camp out so our list is pretty long. Always pack as light as possible to save space. Large things like coolers, (with food in them, of course), tents, and water toys should be packed first. Then, small personal items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brush, clothing, and books can be placed in the empty places in between.

Don’t forget money. It is a good idea not to rely completely on credit cards. You should always have some cash at hand in case you get into a situation where your things are taken or lost. A cell phone in case of emergency is a wise move, but remember, it’s a vacation so no business calls. And, don’t forget your sunscreen or you will fry!!!

Our family usually stays at Fawn Dale Campground, a few miles from the lake. Depending on the time of year you go to the lake, this is sometimes a better idea because the campgrounds a few miles from the lake aren’t so busy and crowded. Our camp site at Fawn Dale is very nice. There are bathrooms within walking distance, showers, washers, and dryers. They have many camp sites. Fawn Dale also has a swimming pool, located you near the check in area. There is no hot tub, but you won’t miss it, as the summer climate at Shasta Lake is much too hot for a hot tub.

The lake, itself, also has many campsites to choose from, including Bailey’s Cove which is another place we like to stay. Some places near the lake do run a risk of having bears run though, so you might want to read up on how to discourage unwanted visitors in your area.

You could also rent a cabin or a house a little way up the mountain if you prefer a little more privacy.

The Shasta Lake area has a lot of different activities to offer, including water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, swimming, and tanning on the boat. (Even if you don’t have a boat it’s a great place just to enjoy the sun.) Hiking and bike riding through the forest are also popular activities.

Located near the lake are Caverns where you can take tours. These are great to see, but if you visit them, be prepared to do lots of walking.

The City of Redding is located about 20-25 minutes from the lake, depending on where you are located at the lake. We usually make a trip once or twice to replenish our food supply, or just for a change of pace.

California’s Shasta Lake is a great family place. Our family has a wonderful time there each year, and every one of us finds something enjoyable to do.

Did I mention that the lake is huge? The shoreline is around 370 miles long, which means you could find a place all your own. Why not find that place and start now to enjoy your stay!!

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