Dickies 614 Messenger Bag: Product Review

If you’re looking for a sturdy, well-constructed messenger bag, why not turn to Dickies, the same company that sells durable uniforms to hard-working adults and schoolchildren? Their most popular messenger bag, the Dickies “614 Basic” is more or less ideal for regular use: waterproof, tough, simple, and available in almost any pattern you desire. For just over $20, you’ll never find a perfect, flawless bag, but this one’s a good bet. With some extra padding, it can even safely tote a smaller laptop computer.

PROS of the Dickies 614 Messenger Bag:

– They have an obscene mix of colors and patterns available. It’s not just black, grey, blue, or red. There’s blue camouflage, safety orange, black-and-white checker, green plaid, and red stripe – just to name a handful. In all, there are over 40 colors available. Call me boring, but I picked the neutral “mushroom” color.

– The brand marking is relatively small – just enough to let curious passerby see the maker of the bag (in case they like it)âÂ?¦but not so egregious that it detracts from the overall aesthetic.

– The basic exterior design is simple, uncluttered with excessive pockets and pouches. Accordingly, it can function as a semi-professional bag as long as you select a modest color, as I did.

– It’s got some quasi-hip appeal because Dickies is one of those brand names, once reserved for more industrial purposes, that has since become popularized for mass consumption among pockets of urban scene-sters. In other words, you won’t be uncool with a Dickies bag.

– Thanks to the rough-n-tumble 600 Denier polyester construction, the Dickies 614 messenger bag is more waterproof than most competitor bags of similar price.

– Because there’s a strap and a handle, you can chose how you want to carry the bag. If you’ve ever shopped for a decent messenger bag, you’d be surprised how many lack the handle – practical for times when slinging the strap over your torso is inconvenient (i.e. when it’s dirty, when it’ll wrinkle your clothes, etc.)

– The zipper on the Dickies 614 Messenger Bag is strong and unlikely to get caught the way it might on a cheaper bag.

CONS of the Dickies 614 Messenger Bag:

– It’s not quite as laptop-friendly as I would’ve liked. These days, many of us want to carry our laptops around without a cumbersome briefcase or giant backpack, and this messenger bag suffices as long as you include some extra padding yourself. I added a laptop sleeve, for example, but I would’ve liked to see that built into this messenger bag more effectively.

– While I laud the lack of excessive pockets and pouches on the outside of the bag, I’d would’ve liked some more on the inside.

Note: Because the Dickies 614 Messenger Bag is a top seller at many online websites, there are plenty of them available. Be sure to check places like eBay and Amazon in addition to bag-only specialty stores, as you may get a good deal.

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