Did U.S. Government Use a Mind-Control Method to Train Assassins?

It is well documented that the CIA was involved in mind-control experiments for several years, beginning in the 1950s under a program called Project MK-ULTRA. You may read more about MK-ULTRA in numerous online articles, including pieces on the websites of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Telegraph. Many believe that one purpose of MK-ULTRA was to use mind-control to develop assassins; even “some historians” believe this, according to a short August 6, 2010 piece by Nate Rawlings on Time.com titled “CIA Mind-Control Experiments” that was part of an article titled “Top 10 Weird Government Secrets.”

Does the belief of some that the CIA research continued long after the 1970s have any credibility? Maybe. A conversation I overheard while working for the United States Postal Service in the 1980s lends at least a tiny bit of credibility to the possibility of the CIA (or another government agency) being involved in using mind-control techniques to train assassins in 1986.

Below is a probably too verbose discussion of the conversation and related events. My discussion below is adapted partially from one I posted on three websites a few years ago, including a September 7, 2010 article on Newsvine.com that I titled “Coincidence? United States Government Mind Control Experiment? Edmond Oklahoma P.O. Massacre.”

Conversation Overheard About Plans to Kill People at Oklahoma Post Office

During part of the mid1980s I worked for the U.S. Postal Service in Lexington, Kentucky, at the Nandino Boulevard mail sorting facility. We workers typically dressed in casual clothes since we worked in the back where we were typically out of public sight. Though we wore casual clothes, on a few nights several persons in dress clothes wearing ties showed up and began walking laps around the mail sorting facility.

I asked some other workers who these strangers were and why they were there, but the workers I asked didn’t seem to know. Then one night, as this group of well-dressed persons walked past the area where I worked, one of my coworkers engaged in a brief conversation with one of them, asking about plans to kill some people at an Oklahoma Post Office. The Newsvine article I linked to above provides more information about the conversation.

Was this a joke? Did someone tell my coworker to ask that question? I don’t know. He asked the question loudly enough that at least a few of the persons in dress clothes presumably heard it in addition to the one who answered him. A specific date or a specific location in Oklahoma wasn’t mentioned, but I don’t think it was very many days after that when several persons were killed in the Edmond, Oklahoma Post Office shooting on August 20, 1986, apparently by a crazed individual.

I wonder if this was a planned thing or a coincidence. Could it have been some type of government mind-control experiment? Why were those persons in dress clothes all walking laps around the building? Did my thinking about it somehow make what happened in Oklahoma happen?

I was scared after the tragedy in Oklahoma occurred and wanted to talk to my coworker to ask him about the question he asked, but he was absent for quite a while afterward and the coworkers I asked said they didn’t know where he was at. I thought I heard one of them whisper that he was psychiatrically hospitalized, but I’m not sure.

No one ever spoke to me about the specific details of that conversation again, and I was apparently followed around by several people for at least a few years and received what I interpreted as a few veiled death threats. When I tried to approach some of those following me, they retreated.

Out of fear, I didn’t speak to anyone or write anyone about the incident until years later. The few people I’ve spoken to about the incident seemed to not take it seriously or to have been scared. One specifically told me to never speak about it again, and said he had orders to kill me if I did.

For some reason, I did not ask the coworker who asked that question about Oklahoma why he asked it, when he did return to work. For one thing, I think we typically worked in different areas when we finally met again. Also, due to my being a temporary worker at the time I heard the conversation, I wasn’t there long afterward myself, though I was called back to work later. Years later, long after I had left my work for the Postal Service, when I finally phoned my former coworker who had asked the question and described to him my memory of the conversation, he said he didn’t remember it. One possible reason for his apparent memory lapse is the fact that when I spoke to him on the phone, speaking extemporaneously, my description of the conversation was not completely accurate, due to inadvertently misspeaking. Another possibility is fear; he may have gotten threats as I did. I know I had plenty of fear after the Oklahoma shootings, due to what I perceived as veiled threats, due to the people following me around that didn’t speak to me and retreated from me when I approached them, and due to some other unusual occurrences soon afterward. If all those people in the dress clothes circling around our Postal Service facility knew what happened, I wondered why nothing was reported in the media about it.

I waited years to write about this. Initially my hesitation was due to fear, then later when I prayed about it, I felt that the time was not yet right to write about it — until recent years.

I want to make it clear that the conversation I overheard did not include anything at all about mind-control techniques, if my memory is correct. Also, it is possible that my memory is faulty about the whole conversation. However, I believe that the account written here is accurate. Memories can be wrong, though, and the conversation I remember overhearing (as well as the tragedy in Oklahoma) took place over 25 years ago.

Any Relationship Between This and President Kennedy’s Assassination?

I am revising this article submission on November 22, 2013, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, so readers may wonder if I believe that the CIA (or another government agency) could have been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.

I wonder the same thing. I don’t know. I was only 5 years old on November 22, 1963. I have never been to either Texas or Oklahoma.

But the conversation I overheard in advance about people to be killed in an Oklahoma Post Office leads me to believe there is at least a slim chance that government mind-control experiments led to Kennedy’s death, either intentionally or unintentionally, as well as people being murdered in Edmond, Oklahoma. This, of course, is just speculation on my part.

Concluding Thoughts

If our United States government was involved in using mind-control techniques to try to create assassins, I hope the government has ceased doing so. I support doing good things, loving even our enemies as Jesus advocated according to the New Testament gospels (Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:27). I am confident there are better ways to resolve differences than by killing people.

Regardless of what happened in the past, the past can’t be changed. But by learning from the past, we can do better in the future. I believe that when we do good things, good things happen. And I hope that in this article, I am “. . . speaking the truth in love . . .” as part of Ephesians 4:15 states in the King James Version of the Bible, rather than creating problems.

NOTE: This article (published on Yahoo! Voices December 1, 2013) was last edited on December 2, 2013 when I corrected a word I misspelled in my resubmission of the piece on November 22, 2013.


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