Did the U.S. State Dept. Help Abduct and Hide Emily Hindle?

Find out by reading Karl Hindle’s new blog about his daughter, called Emily Rose Hindle.

(Karl is adding new documentation as I write this, so please check his blog often.)

Karl has spent years searching for Emily in the U.S., and I was happy to report they were recently reunited. Emily recognized Karl immediately and they have spent many happy visits together. Unfortunately due to lack of medical care while her mother was on the run, Emily is going blind in one eye.

After looking over some of Karl’s documentation that he obtained thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, it sure looks like a woman in the U.S. State Department has assisted Emily’s mother with the abduction, and with hiding her in domestic violence shelters. It seems she even assisted her in hiding Emily after Karl was found innocent of all the false charges against him. He has solid proof of falsified forms and other wrongdoing by several people involved in this case.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the judge decided to give Emily’s mother yet another chance instead of giving Karl custody. Emily’s mother has already been charged with contempt of court for coaching Emily to lie about her father and for keeping Emily from him. Personally, I just don’t understand what this judge was thinking.

Karl had to return to the U.K. temporarily to take care of business and to drum up more funds for the custody case. If you can help Karl and Emily, please do.

VISIT: Emily Rose Hindle

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