Die Cast Cars Shadow Box Display Art

Die cast cars are a huge collectible for men and women in America. The cool colors of the retro cars make them ideal for displaying in groups around your home.

Most vintage die cast cars that are popular to collect today come from the 1960’s and 1970’s. They range in price from as little as $45 to as much as you dare to spend. So, don’t hide away your collection of vintage Die Cast Cars. Beak them out and let your family and company enjoy them as much as you do.

To Make Wall Shadow Box Display Case for Your Vintage Die Cast Car Collection You Will Need:

Pre made wood shadow boxes


Painter’s tape


Paint brushes


Glue (optional)


Power drill

You can buy pre made wood shadow boxes at any craft store. They come in a variety of sizes, so pre measure how wide all of yoru die cast cars are to make sure you will have one box for each car.

Now, take your collection of shadow boxes and lay them out on a table. Rearrange them into any design you want. Just make sure one part of each box is touching another.

You can create a large modern art shape, a large rectangle, a large square or a random pattern..

Now, pre drill a hole through the side of each box, where it touches the next. Line these holes up.

Use a small screw to attach each shadow box of the die cast car display case together.

Now, one you have all of your wood shadow boxes attached together you are ready to paint them.

Because die cast cars have such great colors it is a good idea to simply stick with white or black paint. You could also stain the wood with a wood gel stain. Wood stain also comes in whit or black.

Let this paint or wood stain dry.

Now, lay out a sheet of felt. Trace the shape of yoru die cast car display case on the felt. Use chalk for this tracing.

Cut this shape out.

On the back of your die cast car display case you need to run some glue along the back edges of each wood shadow box. Press the felt into the back of the display case and let this dry.

Your die cast car display case is finished and can be hung on the wall. You can screw in picture hanging hooks on the back of the wood boxes and use these to hang your display of die cast cars on the wall!

Lead up each shadow box square with one of die cast car each and you will have an amazing wall art piece full of die cast cars you can still get to pick up and enjoy!

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