Digital Camera Accesssories You Need that Won’t Come in the Box

Digital cameras are a great way to take pictures. When you purchase your digital camera however, it may not come with items that you may need or want to take great pictures and download them to your computer. Here are a few accessories that you might be interested in getting to enhance your digital camera that aren’t going to be included in the box.

Lenses: Not all digital cameras can support additional lenses. If your camera can, then a new lens can help increase your cameras ability to zoom, or lengthen the area that your camera lens can see. Adding a zoom lens can in some cases almost make it seem like your taking pictures with a whole new camera.

Filters: The most common type of filter you can purchase for your digital camera is a UV filter. A UV filter would usually screw in over the front of your existing camera lens. A UV filter acts like sunglasses for your camera. It filters the light that comes in through the lens, and reduces glare in your pictures. A UV filter can also protect your expensive lens from scratches and other damage.

Memory: Extra memory for your digital camera is always great to have on hand. Its better to have more memory than you need, than not enough memory and miss capturing a fabulous memory. Most digital cameras will come with a starter card only big enough to hold ten to fifteen pictures before the pictures will need to be downloaded onto your computer. You can purchase memory cards large enough to hold hundreds of pictures. Think about how many pictures you think you would take on a family vacation or the like before you would be able to download them to your computer, and pick a memory card large enough to handle holding all your pictures plus a few extras.

Batteries: Nothing could be more important than having at least one extra battery. Having a memory card that will hold four hundred pictures will do you no good if your battery will only last for a hundred. If possible try to purchase rechargeable batteries for your camera, and keep a few extras on hand in your camera bag for when you need them.

Tripods: Getting a tripod for your still camera can seem a little silly. However, a tripod can be great for times when you want to set up the camera and get in the shot yourself, or when you are trying to take the perfect still shot. Decent small table tripods can be purchased for around ten dollars and can be great to have around when you least expect it.

Flashes: Your camera undoubtedly will have a built in flash of some sort. You may want to purchase an additional flash for it as well, depending on the size off your camera, and the places you typically take pictures. Digital cameras will often have some sort of night vision on them, but don’t mistake that for something that is going to take the place of a flash. The night vision will often make pictures look grainy and out of focus. If at all possible try to use a good flash instead.

Card readers: A card reader is a terrific way to transfer pictures from your camera to your computer, without using your camera. This can save your cameras battery life, and decrease wear and tear on your camera. A card read can also often transfer pictures quicker than just the camera itself would, and if you have a desktop computer can save you from having to connect and disconnect the cable from your computer each time you want to download pictures.

Cases: Your camera is expensive. Your camera is breakable. Get a case. Get a case. Get a case. Some people think that they will always be holding their camera, and are in no need of getting a camera case. Not only is a camera case a good idea to have to keep your camera safe, it can also be a great place to keep all your camera accessories together.

Undoubtedly your camera will accidentally fall off a car seat, get knocked off a table, or get bumped around in your luggage. Having it in a case can help prevent it from expensive damamge.

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