Dining Out in Lake Buena Vista – Child-Friendly Restaurants in the Heart of Disney

Being a mother, I often find it hard to dine out with the family. I hate getting those impatient glares from people who obviously have never had children of their own, all because my kids are being less than perfect. It’s hard for kids to behave in restaurants. They have a very short attention span, therefore its torture to sit still in one place for over an hour while the rest of the family is eating. I got tired of always eating at home and never having a fun night out. So, I decided to scout out the best “child-friendly” restaurants in my city. Luckily, I happen to live in Orlando, Florida, a huge city with lots of things to see and do. Below I’ve listed just a few of the great child-friendly restaurants I found here in Lake Buena Vista, a city on the outskirt of Orlando.

Rainforest Caf�©

Rainforest CafÃ?© is located in Downtown Disney. From the second you walk in to Rainforest CafÃ?©, you’ll be in awe of its beautiful architecture. It has a volcano that actually smokes at the top, a faux rainforest and giant butterflies. You might want to go a little early, as Rainforest CafÃ?© usually has a long wait. Don’t let the long wait keep you away however, because this restaurant has plenty of things to do while you’re waiting, including a child-friendly safari. Rainforest CafÃ?© may have an exotic name, but it has things like salad, pizza, burgers and cheese sticks on the menu. If you’d like to know more about this beautiful, child-friendly restaurant, the phone number for Rainforest CafÃ?© is 407-827-8500.

Chef Mickey’s

Chef Mickey’s is not necessarily a dinner show, but the Disney characters do come out to your table and entertain you and the kids. They make it a point to visit every table, so don’t worry about spending the money and leaving without a one-on-one from most of your favorite Disney characters. Chef Mickey’s is located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This restaurant is quite pricey, so I consider this a “special occasion” restaurant. It is a buffet-style restaurant, and the food is great. Chef Mickey’s doesn’t serve lunch, only breakfast and dinner. For breakfast they have waffles, pancakes, eggs and even fruit. At dinner they have a traditional dinner menu with meat carving stations. Your little ones will love to dine with Chip & Dale, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck and of course – Chef Mickey. If you need more information, or would like to inquire about reservations, the phone number for Chef Mickey’s is 407-939-3463.

Those are just two of the many child-friendly restaurants here in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. When you want a night out but don’t want to pay for a baby-sitter, Rainforest CafÃ?© and Chef Mickey’s are two excellent choices to consider when deciding where to go. At Rainforest CafÃ?© and Chef Mickey’s, you won’t have to worry about people staring at you with the “look of death” because your children aren’t being as quiet as everyone else would like them to be. You can go out, enjoy a great meal, spend time with the family and relax because these restaurants cater to both children and adults. I hope you and your family enjoy Rainforest CafÃ?© and Chef Mickey’s as much as we do.

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