Dining on Brunch in Atlanta, Goergia

A leisurely Sunday morning dining out for brunch at your favorite local restaurant is what the vibrant city of Atlanta is all about. The perfect brunch at great local Atlanta restaurant can set the tone for a beautiful Sunday spent with friends and family. Finding a great brunch restaurant can also let you in on a side of Atlanta you may have never seen before. Skip the Waffle House and HoJo brunch buffets and get to know the real Atlanta. Atlanta is full of historic neighborhoods with great food and quirky cafes prefect for brunch with a loved one or even a group of friends. Finding a new favorite neighborhood, a great new brunch dish, and making new friends are all possibilities when you dine out for brunch in these great local Atlanta restuarnats.

Manuel’s Tavern is one of those great super dark bars that makes you forget that the sun may be shining brightly outside on a beautiful Sunday morning. Stopping in for brunch on a Sunday at Manuel’s Tavern can easily make you forget that there is a whole other Atlanta world going by outside. If you want to see a new side to Atlanta that doesn’t involve shopping and tourists you should definitely check out this cool bar. Located in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta, it is one of those great bars and brunch spots that will have you asking yourself, “How did I never hear about this place before.” It may even have you asking. “How can a bar make brunch food this good?” Leave it to a bar in Atlanta to serve up one of the best brunch menus in town! The interior is a maze of rooms that makes it feel like Manuel’s took over neighboring business space through the years. The brunch and bar crowd is also a great representation of the true Atlanta. You can find people from all walks of life stumbling in on a Saturday or Sunday morning (or afternoon) looking for a great bite of food that will fill their stomachs and make their hangovers go away. The menu as Manuel’s Tavern is as extensive as their drink list. Best of all the food is good bar food too. I love eating brunch in a bar when all is quiet after a loud and crazy night. Manuel’s Tavern is located at 302 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, 30307. They can be reached at (404) 525-3447.

The Flying Biscuit is one of those tiny little brunch cafes that seem to be dotted throughout the city of Atlanta. I lived there six years before I saw it on the Food Network. I realized I lived less than two miles away from The Flying Biscuit and had never even heard anyone ever mention it. I started asking around and I realized this is because no one wants the already long wait for brunch to get any longer. I have to say if you don’t want to wait in a forty-five minute line to get a table for brunch on Saturday or Sunday you should get there early. If you get stuck waiting in line for brunch, don’t worry; it will only make their great food taste even better. The Flying Biscuit is one of those great Atlanta brunch places that cater to everyone’s tastes. Dishes range from vegan, vegetarian, and even some that include turkey. Sorry, but you won’t find any beef here. My favorite brunch dish is the meggxican wraps. Scrambles eggs are served spicy with cheese, serrano peppers, and onion. A flour tortilla holds it all together. This just reinforces my theory that Mexican food is good any time of day and especially at brunch! The Flying Biscuit is known throughout Atlanta for their wonderful fluffy biscuits and their fried green tomatoes. A tip to all of you Northerners: don’t order the fried green tomatoes for breakfast unless you want to look like a tourist! But, I have to say, if you are only in town for a limited time and are only going to make it to The Flying Biscuit once, go ahead and get the fried green tomatoes and just suffer the stares. Secretly everyone else will be wishing they had the nerve to order them so early as well. The Flying Biscuit is located at 1655 McLendon Avenue, Atlanta, Goergia 30307. This is an old neighborhood in Atlanta and you will have to park on the street, so drop someone off to stand in line for brunch while you park the car! They can be reached at (404) 687-8888 if you want to have them cater a social function.

Ria’s Bluebird CafÃ?© offers up a fabulous home-style brunch menu and is located at 421 Memorial Drive South East, Atlanta, Georgia, 30312. This is in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta, about 1.5 miles from good old Turner Field. About ten years ago I would never have told you to even step foot in this neighborhood, but oh, the times, they are a changing. Grant Park is hip, trendy, and totally Atlanta again. Ria’s Bluebird CafÃ?© is a great local spot to eat some brunch Atlanta style. They have a retro feel that permeates this old neighborhood. Best of the brunch and lunch food is good. The pancakes are wonderful and I have to say I have never eaten a bad sandwich here either. If the weather permits wait for an outside table on their back patio. You can soak up the atmosphere while you dine on good brunch comfort food and new creations. Parking can be limited here, so good luck. Ria’s Bluebird Cafe can be reached at (404) 521-3737.

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