Direct Marketing: Is it for You?

Is Direct Marketing for You?

Over the past few years, the craze called MLM (Multi-level Marketing), or direct marketing, has taken the business world by storm. The popularity of direct marketing is attributable to a variety of factors. One is the changing world economy, from the old system(industrial) to the new system(informational). Second is the increasingly fragile world of corporate America. Job security is really a thing of the past. Now, People are looking for new ways to supplement or replace there income.

Enter direct marketing.

Direct marketing is simply a business without the traditional overhead costs. There are no commercials and no rent for buildings, hence the term “direct” marketing. It is a word of mouth business, and all it requires is an army of well trained personnel and a corporate structure. The rest is hopefully a good product and large profits for the entrepreneurial minded. So this begs the question, is direct marketing for you? It is, if you really wish to get out of the rat race and be your own boss.

The benefits of working for a sound direct marketing company are many. First, there is the opportunity. Now a days, if you have a computer, a phone and an internet connection, then you have all the tools you need to create business. The information age has made it easier than ever to run with a business idea.

The systematic nature of direct marketing has also made it easier than ever to succeed. A good company will have a few years of trial and error under their belt when it comes to training. They are more than happy to share their techniques with you.

The cost of owning your own business is cheaper than ever as well. Many legitimate companies are asking for hundreds of dollars for the opportunity to be your own boss, and operate at your leisure. This is significantly cheaper than the hundreds of thousands it costs to own a franchise.

You might be asking yourself, “do I have what it takes?”. If you are a natural sales person, direct marketing should be a shoe in. If not, worry not. There are tons of people of different skills and backgrounds that testify to the simplicity of direct marketing. Again, a good company allows the marketing tools, such as the DVD or CDs do all the talking for them. Trust the system and you will be rewarded.

How does it all work? Do I have to clock in? Do I have to check in with my boss? The simple answer is no. However, you are running a business and, as such, you are ultimately responsible for your own success or lack of success. You are not on the clock but most companies will recommend that you spend at least ten hours a week on your business for results.

You will also have someone mentoring you, your up-line. This person is responsible for training and nurturing you along the way. Your up-line will be vital to your success and you to his. Remember, this is a relationship driven business. Your business associates can make or break you.

It sounds easy. What’s the catch? The catch is there is no catch. You will have to work and work hard. But for those with desire and determination, there is infinite financial reward in the form of residual income.

What about all of the controversy with pyramid schemes? Yes, there are bad direct selling companies out there with no integrity. But, bad companies come in all shapes. Look at Enron. It is not the corporate structure; it is the people who run the company. Every company is multi-level. In every company, the people at the top usually get more. However, in direct marketing it is very possible to surpass someone who was initially above you.

If you are driven and looking for a way out of the rat race, direct marketing could be the gift that you were looking for. A good company can take to places you never dreamed of. You must be responsible and independent, but the gold is there.

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