Dirty Greens

Mom had fixed a solid dinner for her grandkids, my nephews, because today she would care for them after school and knew they would be hungry. Plus she looked forward to hearing about their day over a hearty meal. It consisted of favorites: meatloaf, a little macaroni & cheese, dinner rolls, and of course turnip greens.

Between mouthfuls older brother, Tevin exclaimed “This is why we like coming here. This is good food, Granny.” And Juan had to know, as if he, at eight years old, shopped for groceries, “Where did you get these greens?” Mom, smiled. “From out back in my garden – the one ya’ll like to help me with.”

Jaun turned his nose up and put his fork down. “What’s wrong?” Asked Tevin. “I don’t want no food that comes out of the ground” pouted Jaun.

Needless to say, it took some explaining about where vegetables come from, and how carefully they are cleaned, before he would pick up his fork again. But Tevin was able to convince little brother the food was edible, and Jaun was soon asking for seconds.

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