Disadvantages of Gas Cooking Stoves

Many people prefer using gas cooking stoves over electric stoves. Although gas stoves have a number of advantages over electric, they also have a few disadvantages. This article will discuss the disadvantages of gas cooking stoves.


One of the biggest disadvantages of gas cooking stoves relates to the flame. If you need a high setting to cook food it is fine, but settings to simmer dishes is non-existent. If you need this lower setting, you will have to purchase a commercial or expensive gas range. If this isn’t an option for you, then you will need to buy a simmer plate or heat diffuser just to simmer dishes.


Another disadvantage of gas cooking stoves relates to the oven. These types of ovens are hotter on the top than they are on the bottom. When you are cooking food in the oven, you will have to rotate the dishes. If you don’t, they will not cook evenly. Since there is no direct heat coming from the top of the oven, you will also have problems cooking foods that need to brown or be crisp on the top.

Less Functional

Another problem with gas cooking stoves is that they are less functional than stoves powered by electricity. Electric stoves have many options. You can add fans or top and bottom grillers to provide more functions for these stoves. Ovens powered by gas do not have any of these options.


One of the last disadvantages of gas cooking stoves is safety. There is always the chance of a gas leak with these stoves. If the pipe that brings gas into the house is damaged, the gas can be ignited by the pilot flame. Also, if you one of the pots you’re cooking with boils over, it can cause the flame to go out while gas is still being fed to the stove. A flame failure sensor will reduce this safety hazard.

There are a few disadvantages of gas cooking stoves that you should be aware of before you make a purchase. You will need a heat diffuser or a simmer plate just to simmer dishes. Also, the ovens are hotter on the top so foods will need to be rotated in order to cook evenly. The ovens are considerably less functional than the electric variety because there are no options to add fans or grillers. Gas cooking stoves can also present a safety hazard if you aren’t careful.

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