Discover Mills in North Georgia

As a self proclaimed fashion aficionado, I have traveled high and low…in the city and on the back roads for a bargain and I finally found it right in my neighborhood! Discover Mills is the place to go to shop for the latest trends and the timeless classics. There are so many retailers located in this one space I won’t be able to name them all, but I’ll give you my top 5 picks and I’ll explain why:

1. Off Saks Fifth Avenue: One word…LUXURY… Saks carries everything from Prada for the mature lady to Juicy Couture for the teen/young adult or just the young at heart. They have a fabulous selection of Designer as well as their own name brand merchandise. You can find that custom styled suite or that perfect pair of 4″ heels you’ve been craving as well as the latest in beauty products. The biggest Designer scores can be found off season with 70-90% off…I know, it’s a WOW!

2. Kenneth Cole Outlet: I became acquainted with Kenneth Cole about 10 years ago while on vacation. I was doing what I do…shopping of course. I came across this quaint little town in Williamsburg, Virginia where they have several outlet centers and Kenneth Cole was on the menu. Once I checked out what they had to offer, I notice the quality and workmanship in everything from their leather key fobs to their well made ladies shoes (with leather soles…heavenly). When I discovered that Kenneth Cole had an outlet in Discover Mills, I was moved to check out this store and to my delight it was even better than I had imagined. I found their clothing, fine handbags and leather shoes on sale for up to 70% off of the original retail price! Just imagine getting a $400.00 well crafted leather handbag for $20.00…Yes, you heard me…its true!

3. Sam Goody: Music anyone? Yes, this small music store has a surprisingly large collection of CD’s, DVD’s, Instruments and even Wireless services. Formerly in the entertainment/music industry myself, I found that the prices are very reasonable. Typically retail markup is so outrageous at malls we tend to order more music via the internet, but this store won’t hurt your bottom line.

4 .Scents for Love: Yes, that’s the name of this unique Kiosk that has a host of Designer “inspired” fragrances from Paris Hilton to Burberry. These oils are so fragrant that just one dab will do you. The scents truly last all day. Along with the oils they offer bath salts, lotions, soaps and even scents for the home. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays…no problem, they have gift baskets too!

5. Ross Dress for Less: The truth is in the name…you’ll dress for a lot less. This store is regionally known for their bargains, but this discount location takes savings to a new level. I typically shop for my towels and other nick knacks at this establishment because the value can’t be beat. You’ll find anything from Crystal stem glasses and great luggage to those 600ct luxury cotton linens you’ve been craving. The bottom line is; when you shop at Ross you’ll find bargains, bargains and more bargains!

If you want luxury at an affordable price, head to Discover Mills today and be prepared to be indulged, satisfied and entertained!

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