Discover the Paradise of the Philippines’ Boracay Beach

I am a Filipino and proud about our country’s hot spots.

Boracay ranked as the most favorite spots of tourists. For where can you find a white sandy beach that comes close to this island? Its very fine sand will bring soothing relief whenever you walked on it. You can actually be too far yet the water will not surprise u about its depth. During summer, sometimes you can experience swimming in still waters. Now, how nice is that?

There are also lots of activities around. Like scuba diving, jet ski, snorkeling, wind surfing or what have yous – they got it there. Nothing beats their fruit shakes! This is a must during afternoons. At night, the pile of restaurants outside are cozy enough to dine. Range of buffets and food varieties are offered. Such cuisines are not so hard to find after all if you are particular about food.

No one will certainly miss the kind of nightlife the island offers. There are lots of bars to hop where u can unwind and have no care in the world. They also have variety of music to listen to. Disco clubs are everywhere and spot those gorgeous ladies out there. Its truly a blast once u get to see everybody enjoying! Countless sexy ladies and gorgeous men from different parts of the world unite in this paradise.

If you fell in love with this place. You will definitely want more.

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