Disney Cruises are Not Just for Your Kids

Summer is coming and it is time to decide the vacation destination of the year. You and your wife are dreaming of a tropical paradise alone sipping big drinks with little umbrellas, feeling the warm breeze on your necks while you bake in the sun. Unfortunately your children have different ideas. They are dreaming of mouse ears hats with their names embroidered across them.. Yes, you guessed it they want Disney, more specifically a Disney Cruise! Of course, you want to make your kids happy but your mind drifts to the tropics and then back to the little faces before you, giddy with the thought of Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. You have quite a quandry on your hands, don’t you? Well, not really because you would be surprised to know that a Disney Cruise can be just as fun for you as your kids. There is plenty for adults to do and there will be time alone for you and your mate.

Disney Cruise is a great family vacation where your children can have kid fun and adults can do their own thing. That does not seem right to you does it? How can you do adult activities while your kids are tagging along? This is where it get good for the adults. There are activies for all ages of kids, fun clubs, that you can sign your kids up for! In these fun clubs (ages 3-12) you can drop the little ones off to do activies for however long you need them to. You are given what is comparable to a beeper in case fun club staff need to contact you or your child decides that they have had enough for the day or even just misses you. For those children younger than 3, there is a nursery that although charges by the hour, is available to you. There is also group babysitting at night so your kids don’t get bored by themselves while you are out at the club dancing the night away.

Now that you have some time together with your spouse what is available to you? Aside from exquisite meals at wonderful four star restaurants where you can eat in peace the list is endless. One such activity is swimming at the aptly named Quiet Cove, the adults only pool. There you can participate in water game activies or just lounge about on the side of the pool. Another fun activity is for those would be comics looking to strut their stuff. Disney offers an Adult Improv Comedy workshop that is sure to wash away your stress. If you want to go a little more mature and sophisticated, why not try the program “Wine Tasting from Stern to Stern” where you can relax and sample some fine wines from around the world. Do you have a hankering for something spicy? How about some sensual Salsa dancing out in the fresh air on deck? These are just a sample of all the fun things that you can do together without the kids.

These activies sound great, but what happened to feeling the tropical air with those huge drinks you were dreaming of? Done. There are many decks on the cruise ship that are designed just for that very thing AND you can have them brought to you by a smiling bar attendant. As long as we are on the subject of not expending much energy and still enjoying yourself the full service spa must be mentioned. The Vista Spa was developed with the hard working adults on vacation in mind. There you will find a complete menu of services for adults only. At this heavenly place, you can get anything from a Aromaspa Ocean Wrap with Well Being Back Massage to an Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow. Of course these treatment are extra but hey, you are most definately on vacation.

When you have had enough pampering and fun on your own you are going to start missing your little ones and it is time for some family time with them. Since you are relaxed and happy you may be raring to go, because there is nothing better than seeing the joy and excitement in your children’s faces. The Disney Cruise line, being the family oriented most fun place on earth definately has you covered. Disney offers many programs and events for the entire family. Kids love to draw and are quite thrilled when you pull up a chair next to them and start coloring away. You can do this with a program called “Family Animation”, This is a short activity that has you learning to draw Mickey like a pro. Are the kids ready to head back to the pool? The whole family can join in on the crazy “Walk the Plank Game Show”. Wonderful family fun away from the television, basking in the salt water air. You really cannot ask for anything more.

The Disney Cruise as you can see is truly a unique experience that caters to young and old alike. There is time to spend together and time apart which is a perfect combination. No longer does deciding to take a vacation have to be about pleasing one or the other because this vacation truly has it all.

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