Disney’s California Adventure Park

Whether you like rides, parades, or shows, Disney’s California Adventure Park has something for you. Disney’s California Adventure Park has thrilling attractions, fun amusements, family adventures, kiddie rides, even character greetings. Here are some of the highlights you won’t want to miss.

Disney’s classic rollercoaster, California Screamin’ sends you from 0 to 55 mph in under 5 seconds and has a 108 foot drop. If you like coasters, California Screamin’ is a can’t-miss. A good way to start the day to get the juices flowing.

Another coaster, Muholland Madness, takes you three stories above Paradise Pier. The twisting path inspired by L.A.’s Muholland Drive is filled with obstacles and makes for an exciting rollercoaster experience.

If you like water rides, you’ll love Grizzly River Run at Disney’s California Adventure Park. You’ll board a raft and navigate the whitewater rapids, mountain caverns and thundering waterfalls of the Sierra Nevada. You’ll get drenched and love every minute of it on this, the longest, fastest, tallest rapids ride ever designed.

Ever want to feel what it’s like to fly? Head over to Soarin’ Over California. Your toes will dangle over famous California landmarks and landscapes as you experience what it’s like to fly. Take in the breathtaking views while enjoying the ultimate sensation of free flight.

If you want to experience zero gravity eighteen stories in the air, hop on Maliboomer. Maliboomer will launch you 180 feet up in the air in under 4 seconds, then of course, you’ll experience the thrill of coming down…fast.

Then head over to California’s creepiest hotel for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. You’ll take an elevator to the top floor only to be dropped at thrilling and frightening speeds over and over with the hotel’s other unfortunate guests.

Make sure you catch two exciting shows – It’s Tough to Be a Bug! and Muppet Vision 3D. You’ll remember both long after you’ve left Disney’s California Adventure Park. And don’t forget to check out what’s playing at the stunning Hyperion Theater.

At night, don’t forget to watch Disney’s Electric Parade. This classical nighttime spectacle will fill the passageways at Disney’s California Adventure Park fast, so be sure to inquire about the parade route and showtimes well in advance.

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