Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is important to a company. A company can use employees of different cultures and ethnicity to help promote areas within the organization. A company needs to value the expertise of employees who bring diverse approaches to the table.

Diversity Means New Approaches

As our nation’s human capitol grows more with racial and ethnic minorities, entrepreneurial opportunities will also grow. Businesses need to take advantage of these expanding markets in order to be profitable as well as providing jobs and career opportunities for community members.

Staff members of different ethnic and culture backgrounds can provide resources and different qualifications that can help the company expand into a new market. A company may not have even realized such a market existed until after the hiring a worker from a different cultural background. Each new worker that is hired into a company will bring a new set of experiences based on individual cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Importance of Diversity Training

Diversity training is implemented in company for many reasons. Diversity training can bring an understanding and the ability to appreciate the differences that people bring to the workplace based on experiences, cultural understanding and backgrounds of employees. A company that wants to embrace each employee’s uniqueness which comes along from different cultural background may find employees reluctant to change as well as friction between employees based on these cultural and ethnic differences. The companies realize that employees of different cultural and ethnicity can bring new ideas and approaches to the business which may lead to other opportunities.

Embracing Diversity

Diversity will continue to rise in the United States as people from different cultures and backgrounds enter into the workforce. Companies who begin to embrace diversity in the work place now will have a new talent pool to draw ideas from which will help in new business approaches as well as growth in different business markets. Companies need to make certain that all employees feel welcome and are able to share the wealth of information that may be brought into the workplace based on past experiences. Companies can promote the positive work environment by implementing diversity training and providing different resources to help employees succeed. The resources may be as small as employee handouts or as broad as different employee resource groups depending on the size and funding the company. Each individual company will have to take an assessment to see what approach is best for the organization. When employees feel motivated by the acceptance of diverse backgrounds; productivity and the overall well-being of the work environment will increase which benefits both the employees and the employer.

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