Do Soulmates Exists

Many people go through their lives holding out and waiting for their soulmate. After recently researching this topic online there seems to be some confusion about what a soulmate is. It appears that many people think that soulmate love is when your partner is more your friend than lover. After reading such comments I felt compelled to write an article on this issue. There are many marriages that are based more on friendship than love, but in my opinion they are not soulmates.

Many people get to a stage in the lives where they feel they should get married and do so. The person they are with is more likely to be their friend and someone they can relate to, but probably not someone they are madly in love with. Now this is where I assume people get the misconception of what a soulmate is. Also there is a proportion of people who don’t really believe in soulmates. These people believe that a partner cannot give them everything.

Well I want to say that soulmates do exist in the truest and purest sense of the word. The definition of soulmate is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a subjective, emotional feeling of deep affinity, friendship, love, strong intimacy or compatibility. I personally belief that your true soulmate is someone that you will connect on every level imaginable. This doesn’t just mean your best friends, but also extraordinary lovers and the kind of connection that is almost inhuman. To some it is similar to the connection between identical twins. The reason behind this connection is that a soul has been split in two and half given to each person. Essential they are real one soul, one individual rather than two. When you find your soulmate you will instantly know because it will be a feeling never felt before. Any romantic contact will feel magical and your know this is the person your meant to spend your life with. Any relationship between soulmates will never be doubtful and your be able to get through any problem. Also in a soulmate relationship your partner will have every quality you ever wanted in your partner. Other signs of a soulmate relationship is distance is unbearable and its impossible to think of life without that person. I believe everyone has a soulmate and I encourage everyone to keep looking for theirs.

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