Do You Have Angina?

You begin exercising when you feel this sharp squeezing pain around your heart. You move one way and the pain increases. Move another and the pain appears to be fading. Is this the big one? Nope! It’s a condition called Angina. The painful squeezing you are feeling is your body trying to inform that the arteries in your heart are clogged with fat. Because of the clogging the blood can’t get through to your heart. Having too much salt and stress in your life can bring an Angina attack on.

Here are some ways to help stop the pain and from Angina attacking again.

Ditch The Smokes- Smoking causes the body to have less oxygen. Because Angina results in your arteries being clogged, it is trying to get oxygen but can’t due to smoking.

Watch What You Eat- Eating fatty and salty foods can easily raise your blood pressure which can bring on painful Angina. Having more fresh fruit and veggies can help bring down cholesterol.

Get Your Groove On- Exercising with this pain? Yep. Exercising can help with weight loss and relieve stress. Both benefit your heart which results in better chances of being Angina free.

Vent- Find someway to reduce your stress. Becoming relaxed can help your blood pressure.

Moving on Up- Sleeping a few inches higher then your lower body can help reduce Angina attacks at night.

If you feel you must use drugs, try aspirin. Aspirin can help slow down the blood clots. There are prescription pain relievers. Talk to your doctor before starting a daily aspirin routine or prescription pain relief.

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