Dog Safe Cleaning Products

When sharing a home with dogs, most owners know that it is important to find not only the most efficient cleaning tools and products, but also ones that are dog safe. Some owners, however, are unfamiliar with the dangers of popular cleaning products. Could you be putting your dog at risk every time you clean your home?

My number one rule when cleaning a home with dogs in it is “Never use bleach”. Bleach or products that include too much bleach can potentially harm your best friend. If you use bleach on any surface where your dog walks, you risk burning your dog’s paws and the powerful scent of bleach can burn their nose and eyes. If you must use bleach make sure you remove your pets from the room and allow the area to dry for more than a day before letting them re-enter the room. If you can use other cleaners that are safe around your pets, this is the best idea. I have compiled a list of the top dog safe cleaning products that can be used in place of bleach products.

1) Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Spray – This product still disinfects like bleach does and cleans just as efficiently, but it is proven to be safe around pets, food, and kids.

2) Clorox Greenworks – This is a newer product but I have been happy with it so far. It is also better for the environment!

3) Homemade vinegar spray – You can find many different recipes for making your own vinegar cleaning spray. Add baking soda, peroxide, and salt to the vinegar mix to create a great cleaning product.

I have also researched the most efficiant tools to remove dog hair because we all know that where there are dogs, there’s hair! For laminate, wood, or vinyl floors Swiffer’s Sweeper Vac is a great product. It is lightweight and is rechargeable so that you don’t have to worry about a long cord. It picks up stray hair that the average broom would just push around and leave on your floor. I have 6 full grown labs living in my home and I use my Swiffer Vac each evening to lift the hair that has dropped from the day. It is also a lower cost cleaning tool. You can buy a Swiffer Vac for around $35.

Make sure to check all labels on new cleaning products to ensure that they are dog friendly before using them around your best friend.

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