Don’t Buy Fight Night Round 3 for Playstation 2

Fight Night Round Three for the Playstation 2 game console is an insult to the other Fight night games previously released by EA Sports.

In Fight Night 2004, players had an opportunity to play with a larger list of detailed fighters. Not to mention the game play was fantastic. High-detail graphics, realistic boxing strategy was needed in order to be victorious and the game was solely based on who could press which buttons at the right time. There wasn’t room for button-mashing, only two careful selection that manifested who was the better man.

Grade: A +

So then EA came out the following year with Fight Night Round 2 (Fight Night 2005) for the Playstation 2 game console improved in certain areas but failed in the importance of representing the sports trueness. The graphics were terrific. Soon after months of game play, however, players begin to complain about the creation of the EA Sports haymaker. It’s a wicked punch that is difficult to execute properly on the joystick. Not to mention, executing the haymaker became the central focus of the fight instead of the generating ring smarts and intelligence as a way of survival.

Grade: B –

And then..

Then, I don’t know why, EA sports released Fight Night Round 3. After all of the reviews and the final release date, Fight Night Round 3 was a HUGE let down to the boxing gamester public! Horrible and awful game graphics, unrealistic season mode, characters didn’t look like there normal selves, the construction of how punches are used and thrown is terrible and doesn’t offer as much excitement as the previous versions.

During the fight.

In the course of the fight, when an opponent is cut from a blow there’s a sight of thick red paste that looks as if someone constructed it in MS Paint. If a fighter is punched in the face for 5 or 6 rounds, you barely see the scuffmarks to show the damage; thus, encouraging you to continue your press. If a fighter is knocked to the floor with a body shot, he falls only 1 or 2 different ways, and each trip to the canvas is followed by unnecessary vomiting.

Creating a fighter.

One of the most gracious highlights of Fight Night Round 3 for the Playstation 2 gaming console is its create a fighter techniques. Not specifically the fighter you create, but the several attributes and ring attire you can style your fighter with is one of its best highlights.

Season mode.

The construction of Fight Night Round 3’s season mode is unbelievably premature. In the course of your season, you have to continually fight against people you’ve already defeated earlier in your career (I fought Jeff Lacy 6 times!!). It isn’t anyway to avoid these fights either, these fights are mandatory for further advancement in the game. It’s generous to offer players fights against opponents for which they know they can be successful. Yet, its unrealistic that Jeff Lacy has 6 fights with me in which I knock him out in all 6 fights before the end of the first round!

If you think real professional prizefighters suffer when it comes to getting that break or that title shot, guess again. Even after racking up impressive victories in continuous fashion, undefeated, it took too long for a title shot.

In the process of building your fighters attributes; for every point you gain for speed, you lose two points for power. By age 35 (In Fight Night years) I was 45-1 and still had lackluster attributes: Power: 74, Speed: 78, Stamina: 80, Chin: 78 etc. Insanity!

Grade: D –

All in all, Fight Night Round 3 for the Playstation 2 console is a nightmare. I would definitely recommend trying this version on the X-BOX console, but not for Playstation.
It’s lazy graphics, ketchup-type blood and unrealistic season mode makes for sorry
game plan.

Sorry folks.

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