Don’t Let Your Ex Threaten Your Current Relationship

I know that jealousy happens within all of us. It will help you to have a better relationship if you and your partner can keep peace within the household without your ex or his ex causing any trouble. We need to realize that not everyone’s ex is a threat to us. I know that it may be hard to believe at times.

One of the most important thing to remember is that your partner is with you for a reason and not with his or her ex. When speaking to the ex in regards to kids or whichever else just try to have a normal conversation without getting into a big arguments. The past is the past. It can’t be undone. The future is what matters. Be honest and open with your partner and usually everything will be fine in the relationship.

Don’t get worried about the ex

It is a good idea to be friendly with the ex when possible. I know that most women get worried about their man going back to their ex. Just remember that they broke up for a reason. our partner is with you for a reason because he or she wants to be. When you start to have doubts just remember how much your partner loves you and how much you love your partner. It will help you to remember what your relationship means to each other. If you are worried about the ex then make sure your partner isn’t alone with them or you aren’t alone with the ex. It will help eliminate chance of anything happening between the two.

One of them didn’t want the relationship with the ex anymore so please remember that. Not everyone wants to get back together with their ex despite how good the sex might have been or whichever the case was. Keep in mind that not everyone’s ex is an enemy.

If enough time has passed since the ex dated your partner then there is usually no longer any feelings there for the ex. They are usually not interested in getting back together with the ex. It goes in your favor.

Don’t compare your partner to your past relationships

Don’t compare your partner to your ex. It isn’t a good idea cause you will probably be disappointed somehow cause they aren’t exactly alike. Don’t talk about your ex very much. It is a major turn off when people talk about their ex. It makes them sound like they are still in love with them.

Don’t call your ex or your partner’s ex

Don’t call your ex unless it is business related. Don’t call your partners ex to ask questions about your partner or to start trouble. Don’t listen to his or her voice mail on the cell phone. It will only get make matters worse. Let your partner have privacy unless you suspect something weird is going on. Don’t go through your partners stuff unless you ask him or her first. Remember Please Don’t go through their stuff just to be snoopy b that indicates that you don’t trust him or her or just being paranoid. This applies to Internet stuff. Basically, don’t go snooping through his or her email or instant message conversations unless you suspect something.

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